Who knew white guys were so dumb?

How do y’all like the recent header photo that was on my main page (until I replaced it with the Fair one)? I call it “Kathryn and the White Guys.”

The “Kathryn” is our own Kathryn Fenner, and the White Guys are several who were sitting with Vincent Sheheen at Rotary last week, including Crawford Clarkson, John Lumpkin, Jim Smith and Rep. James Smith (the latter two being father and son). They are all listening to Sheheen’s speech last week.

But apparently these are not typical White Guys, although I would have sworn they were.

No, the typical White Guy actually continues to support Nikki Haley, against all reason and evidence that indicates she is not, on any level thus far excavated, what she says she is. According to The State, anyway:

A new poll by Winthrop University shows Haley leading by nine percentage points, 46 percent to 37 percent.

To win, Sheheen will have to make up the ground among white men who, roughly speaking, prefer Haley by a 3-to-1 margin, according to the poll of likely voters.

Sheheen has attempted to close that gap by likening Haley to Gov. Mark Sanford and touting his endorsement from the state Chamber of Commerce.

Is it working?

Not really, say white men interviewed by The State.

What are they thinking? Or are they just not thinking. Discuss.

Meanwhile, I’m on the way to Rotary again, where our speaker will be … Nikki Haley.

12 thoughts on “Who knew white guys were so dumb?

  1. Karen McLeod

    Ms. Palin appeals to “mama grizzlies.” Well maybe these are the “daddy grizzlies.” Too bad we can’t disenfranchise grizzlies, and allow only humans to vote.

  2. Karen McLeod

    Can’t help but being a racist, when speaking about bears. Black bears are ok, white (polar)bears are ok, even asian (panda) bears are ok, but those grizzlies just can’t be trusted with the vote.

  3. Doug Ross

    Was Obama elected by thinking people or feeling people?

    Would you care to speculate on the correlation between those who will vote for Haley and those who voted for Graham? How much overlap do you think there would be? 80%?

  4. Lynn T

    Karen, You apparently you are not aware of the habits of the polar bear. They eat baby seals. Big-eyed baby seals. They eat so many that their fur turns yellow from baby seal in their diets. So, we’ll have to differ on the polar bear issue. They would vote to put baby seal on school lunch menus.

  5. Karen McLeod

    Brad, you ever met a Grizzly? And Lynn, polar bears gotta eat, too. If the baby seals would just move to a temperate climate it would solve their problem.

  6. Maude Lebowski

    “So, we’ll have to differ on the polar bear issue. They would vote to put baby seal on school lunch menus.”

    Man, Andre Bauer would be so conflicted on that one.


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