SC Tweet of the week, from Adam Fogle

Just to close out the week, I thought I’d share something that I enjoyed at the start of the week.

I was sort of in the dumps on Monday morning, and wondering how I’d ever deal with the stuff I had ahead of me the coming days — ADCO stuff, trying to sell some blog ads, some freelance stuff that sounds intriguing but that I don’t have time for, another four years of Mark Sanford — when I saw this Tweet from Adam Fogle that just summed it all up so well, and enabled me to laugh at it:

Adam Fogleadam_fogle Adam Fogle

I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is gonna be so pissed when they find out.

That hit just the right tone to make my day, and help me face it with greater fortitude. (The second cup of coffee also helped, of course.)

Unfortunately, with the language that he used, I can’t steal it for the last-minute Health & Happiness I’ve been drafted to do at Rotary Monday. And I still have some of that same stuff I have to do, and we’re still gonna have four more years of… Quick, Adam, send me another one!

But anyway, that stands as my favorite Tweet of the week.

Later that day, Adam Tweeted:

Adam Fogleadam_fogle Adam Fogle

In the Land of Forgotten Tweets, I am King.

Not at all, my friend. Not at all.

3 thoughts on “SC Tweet of the week, from Adam Fogle

  1. Ralph Hightower

    I am afraid that I have to “Stop Believing”.

    After all, January 12, 2011 is just 59 days away.

    I thought sure as heck that the direction of South Carolina was going to change! But then, I was wrong when Dr. Oscar Lovelace lost to Mark Sanford in his second GOP primary.

    But then South Carolina elected “Sanford in a Skirt” by way of Nikki Haley. Someone that follows in the role of her mentor, SC Governot Mark Sanford, with his “Do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy, a person that can’t even get along with his own party!

    Sadly, January 14, 2015 is 1522 days away before we get a new governor.

    But as Cindi Scoppe said in her column after the election, “Dum spero, spero”, while I breathe, I hope.

    We can all hope that Nikki Haley changes her stripes and is an effective governor that is able to advance South Carolina, and reduce unemployment from being in the nations Top Five.

    I think I need Prozac to make it through the next four years (courtesy of Bob Rivers of Twisted Tunes: Antidepressants

  2. Kathryn "Blue" Fenner

    Well, Sanford was spotted actually hiking the Appalachian Trail, so there’s something.

    Cindy McCain backs repeal of DADT….

    You should listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me for inspiration….always good stuff. There’s a podcast.


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