Thaddeus McCotter Shocker!!!

This just in! The dynamics of the 2012 race for the White House have inexorably shifted!

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter withdraws from 2012 presidential race

The Michigan Republican and former House Republican Policy Committee chairman on Thursday dropped out of the GOPpresidential battle.

McCotter told the Detroit News that he was frustrated because he could not win access to the presidential debates, one of which is taking place tonight among nine other major GOP candidates in Florida. He plans to seek reelection to his 11th district.

McCotter told the newspaper he plans to back former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, although Texas governor Rick Perry is also a good candidate, but better suited for the vice presidency.

Yeah, I didn’t know he was running, either. Nor had I ever heard of him. But I suppose it’s like the Butterfly Effect. This flutter of wings in an obscure corner could change everything. Or not.

Cool name, though: Thaddeus McCotter. Another potential band name, in the style of Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep. Doesn’t have quite the same punch, though…

6 thoughts on “Thaddeus McCotter Shocker!!!

  1. bud

    He does have a point. As an elected congressman why was he excluded from the debates while a pizza dude is given equal access. Seems odd to me.

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