Et tu, Coffee Party?

Following on my previous post, I’ve realized for some time that the Coffee Party wasn’t going be the kind of sensible Third Way alternative, a la the UnParty, that I’ve been looking for all these years.

I was momentarily beguiled by the word “coffee,” but I eventually woke up and smelled it.

Basically, for some time, it has seemed to be more of a leftie alternative to the Tea sorts.

And now, like Phil Noble’s SC New Democrats, the Coffee Party is totally in the bag for Occupy Wall Street. They seem starstruck or something, like this is what they’ve been waiting for all their lives. You can see this, over and over, in recent Tweets, such as this one:

Coffee Party

@coffeepartyusaCoffee Party

Iconic Photo of #OccupyDC — meet the photographer Craig Hudson #Oct29 #CoffeeParty

Talk about your fanboy sensibilities.

This prompted me to reply, I’m disappointed that the Coffee Party seems so entranced by Occupy Wall Street…

To which I received this answer:

Coffee Party

@coffeepartyusaCoffee Party

Hey @bradwarthen …we just encourage a #CitizensIntervention that allows dialogue between citizens and their leaders…coming #Oct29?

No, I’m not. I won’t be in town. But thanks. I mean, I believe y’all are sincere in your effort to include me.

If only y’all would snap out of it, and become a real alternative for those of us who are sick of people marching and countermarching in the streets, and hollering pointlessly at each other in the halls of Congress. Those of us longing for some common, grown-up sense.

My prescription: Listen to the song below. (The Coffee Party fooled me once. I won’t get fooled again.) And have yourself a nice cup of coffee while you listen. Preferably some of that wonderful, corporate Starbucks coffee. See how good it is…

And then vote UnParty.

8 thoughts on “Et tu, Coffee Party?

  1. Karen McLeod

    I’d like to see some civil debate occurring on the political scene. If we had that, we might not have people in the street. Until we do, we almost certainly will. Meanwhile, declaring a “plague on both parties” does even less (that, I think, is what OWS is doing; they’re just more active about it than you are). Of course the msm continues to search out the dramatic and/or photogenic instead of delivering core news. Meanwhile, we have to choose amongst these (apparent) yahoos in the republi-cant party. The best I can say is that they all make Mr. Obama look very good.

  2. bud

    Speaking of grown-up common sense what is going on with Republican voters? I’ve never seen Nate Silver so thoroughly clueless. He does not know how to assess Hermain Cain’s chances. Usually Nate can come up with some grand statistical model that takes into account all the variables, past history of trends and a host of other information to at least provide an estimate of a candidate’s chances. But not with Cain. The polling numbers and fundamentals are just so at odds with each other.

  3. Bart

    If the news gets much better for Obama, the Republican candidates can pack it up, save their money, and fight another day. With the economy improving – slightly, the stock market up by over 300 points today, and the Lybian success, another couple of positives and it is all over.

    Obama and Democrats have been fairly successful in labeling congress as being run by Republicans even though the Senate and White House are under Democrat control. Once the perception becomes reality in the minds of voters, facts don’t mean a thing.

    This country is caught up in the winds of change and for now, what it will look like in 2 to 4 years is anyone’s guess. We can only hope it is a better one.

  4. Bart


    Herman Cain, Perry, and everyone except Romney are a distraction and not one of the candidates except Romney has a snowball’s chance to win in 2012. No need to look at trends, past elections, variables, or anything else in the next election. Romney may run a strong campaign but in the end, Obama will win by a few electoral votes, not the margin he had in 2008.

  5. bud

    Bart, the problem is that Cain is still polling well. If his polling numbers continue to remain high after all the gaffs and nonsense he’s spouted then he MUST be considered a contender. In the past 2 weeks we’ve seen (1) an abortion response meltdown from letting the woman decide to a constitutional ammendment banning the practice; (2) the wacky smoking ad; (3) a major walkback on his 9-9-9 plan, among others. If the naysayers are correct the polling numbers will reflect that soon. Otherwise he shouldn’t be ignored. Afterall it’s the voters who decide, not the naysayers.

  6. Doug Ross


    Cain doesn’t have the money nor the staff nor the experience to run a nationwide campaign. If he doesn’t win a primary in the first month, he’ll disappear.

  7. Nick Nielsen

    Since I’m a week (or more) late and several dollars short, I’ll keep my comments short at well.

    First, the Coffee Party is more about encouraging civil dialog toward a solution than about any partisan outcome. (I believe their best-selling slogan reads “Incite Civility & Reason”.)

    Second, Starbucks and coffee are mutually exclusive concepts. Sorry, Brad, that’s just the way it is…


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