Even NEWT does mind-numbingly trite ads

You would think, as idiosyncratic as the guy is, as much of loose cannon as he is, that at least Newt Gingrich could produce ads that don’t seem like they started out vanilla, but then got any trace of any sort of original flavor filtered out of them through a multi-step process.

But he can be just as trite as the king himself, Rick Perry. Triter, even.

That’s disappointing, somehow. I’d like to see a little edginess from this guy, at least. Something that stands up and says, “I’m Newt, and I refuse to be boring!”

No such luck, though. He’s gotten all plain and careful since his numbers went up.

4 thoughts on “Even NEWT does mind-numbingly trite ads

  1. bud

    You do a great diservice to the very tasty flavor of vanilla by comparing it to this empty ad. Maybe I just follow this political stuff too closely but seriously can’t any of these guys say something with a tad of substance to it?

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    The best strategy for a candidate in this Super PAC world is to issue inoffensive “vanilla” ads under your own aegis, and let the Super PAC do your dirty work.

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