But can either Mitt or Newt match THIS?

Bob McAlister and other Republicans may be eager to see their particular candidate debate President Obama.

But I ask you, how would Newt Gingrich or any of the others answer the above?

Well, they couldn’t. I was pretty speechless myself. First Bill Clinton and the saxophone, now this.

All Newt could do under such circumstances would be to denounce the president as a blasphemer for imitating the Rev. Al…

Of course, this performance automatically makes my Top Five Soul Covers by a Sitting President list. I just don’t know where I’m going to find the other four to round it out…

4 thoughts on “But can either Mitt or Newt match THIS?

  1. Kathy

    OK. Obama could be a singer. He’s an excellent politician, too. But he’s definitely not a leader. How sad that he was elected to a large degree by voters who put all their “hope” in form. But where is the substance of leadership? Unavailable.

  2. SusanG

    I thought it was sweet. I like this guy. (Just like I like Santorum and generally, Ron Paul, I mean — as in, totally separate from how I feel about their politics).

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