What made the Spin Doctors disappear?

I’ve been enjoying the new 92.1 on FM, partly because it plays things I like, but have forgotten.

Today, I was driving up Lady Street when the Spin Doctors came on. Which made me think, What happened to those guys?

They came out of nowhere in the early 90s with an album just jammed with single-worthy tracks. They had a distinctive sound. “Pocketful of Kryptonite” was the last album by a new band I can remember buying based on hearing them for the first time on MTV and/or radio. Which I guess isn’t that remarkable given that rock, to the extent that it still exists, isn’t so album oriented any more. Still, at that point in my life, I had to be impressed to buy new music.

I think maybe my favorite song was “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues,” on account of it being about the Daily Planet’s newsroom personnel. How often pop song speak of having it bad for a journalist? Yah, Lois Lane, you don’t need no Superman… Although “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” was quite catchy as well.

And then… I haven’t heard from them since. According to Wikipedia, they’re still out there. But you couldn’t tell by me.

So I appreciate hearing them on the radio this morning.

The next track played after that was Neil Young’s “Ohio.” Gotta get down to it…