Sorry, Paul, but I’ll pass on that

I'd like to pre-order this one. I'd also like it to be 1967 again, please...

I’d like to pre-order this one. I’d also like it to be 1967 again, please…

I’ve seen this Tweet more than once in the past week or so:

Yeah… no offense, Paul… you’re awesome and all… but a retrospective on the 45 years after you stopped doing awesome stuff just doesn’t get me excited.

I mean, what do we have from that vast period that is innovative and exciting? There’s “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and “Another Day” — both from the first couple of years after the Beatles. I mildly enjoyed “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” but let’s face it — it was a bit on the silly side.

This should not make you feel bad. What you have to show from the eight years or so before that 45-year period is unparalleled in popular music. No one has ever produced a more impressive body of creative, appealing and varied songs in the history of pop. You and John are the undisputed champs, with George in a respectable position behind you.

Now, if John and George came back to life and you all teamed up for a new album, I might want to put in an advance order for that. But you know, I suspect I’d be disappointed. It could never be as good as it was.

And there’s no need for me to pre-order a collection of songs from your genius period, because I already have them.

Thanks anyway…