And you thought seeing Cersei on the Iron Throne was scary

This is scarier than an army of White Walkers.


Trump Night Watch

5 thoughts on “And you thought seeing Cersei on the Iron Throne was scary

  1. David Carlton

    Alas, I don’t believe Dani could yet sic her dragons on the Trumpians/Qarthians–but Jon sounded like he meant business! Bring on the Free Folk!

    1. Brad Warthen

      I continue to admire your ability to remember names and places. (I’m assuming you’ve read the books, which I have not.)

      “Qarthians” mean nothing to me. I remember that scene when the Khaleesi had her parley with the local leadership at the city gates, but I don’t recall what they were called — or whether that’s the same city she was occupying recently, or another one.

      This is because I have a bias…

      I tend to wrap up all her conquests to date under the heading of “preliminaries.” I’ve been waiting since the first episode of the first season (at least, it feels that way) for her to get it together and cross the Narrow Sea. What she’s done up to now has felt mostly like dithering to me.

      Finally now, she’s getting down to business…

      1. David Carlton

        Actually, I looked it up. I also just went back to the scene where Jon executes Slynt, and realized how perfect the parody is. Thus when Jon orders him to rebuild Castle Greyguard, Slynt/Trump, who’s just touted his abilities as a deal-maker, says “no deal–we don’t make deals.” And when Jon insists that it’s a command, Slynt/Trump *both* call him a baby. Fortunately for common decency, we don’t expect Ollie to bring us our sword. (Though of course, in the actual GoT, Thorne let the Free Folk in–unlike Slynt, he followed Jon’s orders).


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