Yep, this is something that’s dividing America, all right…

As y’all know, I’m always picking and poking at the ridiculous releases and fund-raising pleas I get from Democrats.

Democrats shouldn’t get their feelings hurt, though. I just don’t get many such emails from Republicans. I got on a lot of Dems’ mailing lists back in 2018.

However, I’ve started getting some texts from the GOP, and they are really something. (And no, I don’t know where they got my cell number.)

Take this one I received from Sen. Tim Scott the other day. Scott comes across as kind of a nice guy — and maybe he is a nice guy; I don’t know. He’s the highest-ranking guy in S.C. politics whom I’ve never met.

But nice or not, he either has a severe cognitive problem, or wants everyone to think he does. Of course, he starts out by letting me know he doesn’t know me any better than I know him, since he calls me “Donald,” and that was my Dad, not me. But whatever; let’s move on…

Then, for a second, I think maybe I’m hearing the voice of that “nice guy” I mentioned. He’s worried that “divisive voices are fraying the fabric of America…” Maybe he’s really concerned about how divided the country has become — which would certainly mean he’s now regretting having stood up at a national party convention to support the most divisive president in our history, a man whose whole political strategy is to feed off our resentments of each other.

But my hope — such as it is — comes crashing down as he follows that up immediately with the usual divisive garbage: “To all the liberals who think they speak for people like me… Folks here are worried about gas prices, not political correctness….”

Well, OK, certainly he’s going to follow that up with something showing he sees the beam in his own party’s eye… but nope. He doesn’t.

So no, Tim. You’re not going to “unite us all again.” Obviously, you aren’t even going to try.

But at least you’re correctly identifying, and brilliantly illustrating, the problem. Our country is full of people who, like you, are dividing us by saying it’s all the other side’s fault. I’m sure I can find dramatic examples of it in those pleas I keep getting from Democrats — willful blindness, mixed in among all the hammer-dropping.

Anyway, senator, let me know when you’re actually interested in healing the division. You can give me a heads-up via text…

10 thoughts on “Yep, this is something that’s dividing America, all right…

  1. Barry

    Tim Scott is the biggest phony in South Carolina politics.

    He recently spoke about Democrats shutting down schools. Dozens reminded him that Henry McMaster shut down schools in South Carolina and Henry isn’t a Democrat.

    Tim didn’t have any response.

    Lying isn’t very Christian.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    By the way, as to your Identity Politics point… at least I assume you were making such a point. I mean, when you say “people like me,” you’re doing an Identity Politics thing, right?

    Anyway, whatever it is you’re doing, you’re blaming the wrong people when you mention “liberals.”

    It’s not so much the “liberals” who assume that. It’s black voters. They’re the ones who believe Democrats represent them. And you know why, don’t you? Because Democrats are the only people who give a damn about black voters. Republicans are generally too busy drawing black people out of their districts to stop and think about how to better represent them.

    And unless you are deaf, dumb AND blind, you know that. So it’s really super-disingenuous to pretend you don’t.

    It’s not the left. It’s black voters — whether they’re “liberal” or conservative, or right smack in the middle, like all those wonderful people who turned out in South Carolina to save Joe Biden (and the country) in February 2020. God bless them.

    I’ll bet you know some of these people. Being from here, you probably know a LOT of them. I certainly do.

    It’s great that you have a story about having had a mentor and picking up conservative values from him. God bless you, too. But you do know, don’t you, what conservative values are, right? They have to do with respecting traditional ways of looking at things, of embracing the things embraced by our parents and grandparents, and the folks who founded the country.

    I hope you know that. And then I hope you will finally realize that while there used to be a lot of people in the Republican Party who believed in such values, they’re gone now. After 2016, they started spitting on the things our country was founded on, and after 2020, they started spitting on democracy itself.

    Just FYI…

  3. DougT

    I watch Youtube a lot more often than TV. Tim Scott’s 20 second ad runs incessantly… same wording as the above snippet. Why so many ads? Maybe he wants to win with 70% vs 65%.

    Gonna vote for a Republican today for the first time in maybe 40 years. Known the guy since grade school, so I’ll make the exception this time. Besides, he told me he doesn’t like The Big Orange Guy.

  4. Ken

    Meanwhile, over in Georgia, that great voice of moderation from South Carolina, Nicky Haley, is stumping for Hershel Walker, saying things like:

    – “They [Biden/Warnock] are trying to take money from people, raise their taxes, and give it to people who wanna buy electric cars. That’s not what we do in America!”
    – “Legal immigrants are more patriotic than the leftists these days.”
    – “They [Dems] are fighting to let boys play girls’ sports, they fighting for critical race theory. And do know what Biden and Warnock are having the military do? They’re taking gender pronoun classes.”
    – “The biggest threat we have happening is happening inside our country. All these people who are saying America’s bad, America’s racist, America’s oppressed. And the reason I’ve been across the country fighting for these candidates is because we need people who LOVE America! We don’t need people [like Biden, standing in front of that red wall that looked like the gates of hell, criticizing half of Americans] who don’t love Americans.”
    She then went on to say what a good candidate Hershel is and “if you love your country, you will vote for Hershel Walker!”

    She’s been touted as an alternative to Trump in 2024. But with alternatives like her, who needs alternatives?

    LIVE: Bus Tour With Herschel Walker and Nikki Haley in Georgia – YouTube

    1. barry

      Nikki’s a hypocrite in many, many personal ways. I won’t get into that here.

      the reality is Conservatives don’t care. It’s who they are.

      1. Ken

        Yes, I noticed her interesting re-phrasing of “remove from office. But I didn’t include it above because I considered it just an example of crass right-wing “humor.”

  5. Barry

    Trump is announcing for President November 15th. He will instantly be the favorite for 2024 as Conservatives constantly prove they are eager for a true leader of integrity, compassion, and intellect. .

    Last night at his rally, he called Nancy Pelosi “an animal” to loud cheers from Conservatives.

    They simply won’t be happy until someone kills her.

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