Images of USC campus as pandemic closed things down back in March 2020

Four days ago, my phone invited me to look back on pictures from that date — March 11 — in years past. So I did, and saw some pictures taken on what I suspect was my last walk around the USC campus and downtown Columbia in 2020, before we closed down the office for the duration of the pandemic.

Of course, I stayed home, but ADCO eventually ended up opening another office downtown, and some of my colleagues actually go there, but not every day. Sometimes we have our weekly meeting on Zoom and I see everyone’s there in the conference room; other times everyone’s at home like me.

I do my walking around my neighborhood, and on the elliptical, which is satisfactory to me.

But I did like walking around the campus, especially during summer and spring break when there weren’t all those people about. I felt a bit like a landed lord taking a turn through my private park. It was peaceful, and healthy.

But this day things were so peaceful, they were starting to feel a bit weird…

Below, you see:

  1. The Horseshoe.
  2. A copy of The Washington Post in Thomas Cooper library. Note that six were dead in the U.S. at that point. As you are probably aware, that number is now at 1,117,856. Or at least, it was on March 3. There was some cheery news, though, with other Dems lining up behind my man Joe.
  3. A sign on a rest room in Thomas Cooper library. Nothing like a dose of British pluck to help a chap deal with adversity, what?
  4. The seating area — or what normally would have been the seating area — in the food court area of the Russell House.
  5. Greene Street in front of the Russell House. Not really bustling that day.

One thought on “Images of USC campus as pandemic closed things down back in March 2020

  1. Barry

    A follow up to your Rasumessen Reports comment from a few weeks back

    to show how much they have changed since Scott Rasmussen left the company he founded

    Kari Lake retweeted one of their recent reports. (If she’s is retweeting you, you know you are lost)

    Rasmussen’s lead “pollster” regularly appears on Steve Bannon’s podcast where he makes totally unrealistic predictions. (He seems to base his predictions on the Republican dominated polling he conducts)

    One thing is interesting though- he does report on polling that shows how many Republicans now believe in conspiracy theories – but of course he presents this as if they theories are real and 100% true.

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