Good for the South Carolina DOT!

Yeah, it’s kind of backlit, but I decided last night to stop waiting for perfect conditions to take the picture…

I am running behind on this. I should have shouted out the good news when I first saw this two or three weeks back — but I wanted a picture, and it was always raining or too dark or there was somebody behind me so I couldn’t just stop the car on the road (which lacks good places to pull over.)

Finally, I got a decent picture yesterday, and I want to praise the DOT for fixing the problem.

As for the problem, I told you about it back in March. It was a sign placed along the road where part of the massive project to fix Malfunction Junction has begun. (And before Bud jumps in to say that’s not the name of the project, here’s the name: Carolina Crossroads Project.)

The sign said… well, look back at the picture. It was along the access road on the east side of I-26, right across from the Lexington Medical Center campus.

And here was my concern, aside from being an obsessive word guy. As glad as I am that DOT decided not to destroy my neighborhood to build this thing, we will still be inconvenienced by the project for years, and we’re all aware that it costs an astronomical amount of money. So my point was, it kind of undermines our confidence in the project when day after day, we see a big dayglo-orange sign with huge black letters that tell us, over and over, that the road-construction experts managing this thing don’t know how to spell “CONSTRUCTION.”

Not a good look, you see. And it was a fairly easy thing to fix, within the context of such a huge project — DOT’s biggest ever, I believe.

And now, finally, they’ve fixed it. And I appreciate it. I don’t know who “they” are in this case (Bud, did you give them a heads-up?), but I wouldn’t flatter myself by assuming I had anything to do with it. Surely, plenty of other people saw this and said something. In any case, the folks in charge did the right thing.

No, it’s not a huge thing. But it got a little bigger, for me, every day that they didn’t fix it. So now that they have, I feel better about the whole thing, for now…

8 thoughts on “Good for the South Carolina DOT!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, and before one of you finds a typo in this post (which wouldn’t surprise me, because proofreading yourself is a very iffy art)… just point it out to me and I’ll fix it as soon as you do so.

    Everybody makes typos. The thing about them is, you fix them — right away. You don’t leave them up day after day after day…

      1. bud

        Earlier this year I set up a spreadsheet titled politicians behaving badly. Only public officials are eligible for inclusion. So far the score is 7-2 in favor of Republicans. Clearly the GOP (Gaslighting Odious Party) is much more corrupt than the Dems.

  2. Bob Amundson

    Doug please. I may agree with you, but if I do, then I am forced to think the same when I “spew” anti Rand “tidbits unrelated to any topic.”

    I was playing around as Bobby. No more WHITE SILENCE!

    Bad mood. Fragging????? I haven’t shot anybody yet Captain.


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