Open Thread for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

It’s been awhile since one of these. Let’s dig in…

  1. House GOP advances impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas — This happened a bit after midnight last night, on a completely partisan vote, of course. I heard an account of it on a podcast from the NYT while I was out walking earlier today. I kept expecting the voice to say, “And the GOP committee members followed that up by attempting to cram themselves into a Smart car, to the even greater delight of the crowd…”
  2. Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown — And if you think that last item was weird, check this out. Did you know that “around four years ago, the Pentagon psychological operations unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting?” Her mission? Get Joe Biden re-elected. And do you realize that Taylor Swift (net worth, about $1.1 billion) is only hanging with this Kelce guy (net worth, about $30 million) because she wants his money? Did you know the NFL is “rigged” to spread Democratic propaganda?  If you don’t know these things, you’re just not keeping up with your MAGA conspiracy theories. Try harder.
  3. Is the Future of Medicine Hidden in Ancient DNA? — Sorry to throw another NYT at you if you’re a nonsubscriber, but this was the subject of today’s “The Daily” podcast, and it was very cool. It seems science has gotten so good at reading DNA in prehistoric bones that we can now track what people died of, and the respective evolutions of both microbes and human immunity. Which could have great medical implications going forward. I hope you can hear this, because this is way more interesting than the DNA stuff I’ve been writing about…
  4. Mark Zuckerberg among tech CEOs grilled for failing to protect kids — Speaking of the negative effects of social media… I assume you’ve also seen this awful story closer to home. I don’t know how much the courts can help with the problem, but we need to find ways to stop these things from happening.
  5. Members hope to save 35-year-old Capital City Club — I had no idea my old club — I was a member for more than two decades, as y’all probably know — had fallen on such hard times. I left during COVID. Others must have done the same. I’m sorry to see it. It was a great club, established for good reasons.

11 thoughts on “Open Thread for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

  1. bud

    Here’s what the normally extremely reserved Federal Reserve chairman recently said about the current state of the American economy:

    “This is a good situation. Let’s be honest. This is a good economy,” Powell told reporters Wednesday after the conclusion of a central bank meeting on setting interest rates.

  2. bud

    One of Donald Trump’s leading economic advisers now admits he was wrong about the predictions he made for the economy under President Joe Biden.

    “Mea culpa,” Fox Business host Larry Kudlow said on the air Thursday. “I was wrong about the slowdown and the recession, so was the entire forecasting fraternity.”
    -Huffington Post

    At least Kudlow is man enough to admit when he’s wrong.

  3. Barry

    THE MAGA cult and the Taylor Swift stuff is just another sign of the rotted minds of many of our fellow Americans. These people are psychotic.

    Plus, I’m going out to buy my daughter another Taylor Swift album Saturday. She’s a big fan and I told her I just had a notion to go spend some money to get her another couple of albums.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      One day when I have some time on my hands, I need to look up some of her songs so I’ll have some idea what it is that she does. All she is to me is someone whose picture I see 100 times a day.

      One day when I have some time on my hands, I need to look up some of her songs so I’ll have some idea what it is that she does. All she is to me is someone whose picture I see 100 times a day.

      At least, when I was a kid, grown-ups knew enough about the Beatles to make fun of their songs. That’s because everyone heard the same music. Now, popular culture is so fragmented. I am aware that Taylor Swift is so widely popular that more people hear her stuff than with most singers. And yet I still don’t hear her songs, or I’m not aware of it when I do.

      1. bud

        Listen to Marjorie. It’s a tribute to her opera singer grandmother. She was able to add her grandmothers opera singing as backup vocals. A beautiful song.

        1. Bob Amundson

          Beautiful song – triggered me to Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelburg . “His blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul My life has been a poor attempt to imitate that man; I am the living legacy of the Leader of the Band.” Some did die before we got old. Sigh…


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