Congratulations, America. About time…

That (the headline) is what I said on Twitter in response to this NYT headline:

House Approves $95 Billion Aid Bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

In other words, Congress did its job. Which it has so often failed to do in recent years — particularly this past year or so.

Speaker Johnson did the right thing. Does this mean he will be thrown out by the few in the looniest corner of the dysfunctional majority? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I like that he’s going the job, though.

Whether Ukraine survives its mauling by Vladimir Putin is a billion times more important than who is speaker of the House. Johnson’s speakership has value to the extent that he realizes that, and acts accordingly.

So I congratulate him, and I thank him, and I do likewise for all those Democrats — and sane Republicans — who voted with him to make it happen.

And I congratulate America for having a Congress that, at least this time, acted like that….

3 thoughts on “Congratulations, America. About time…

  1. Ken

    Here’s all Rep. Jeff Duncan could sputter in response to this vote. From his latest constituent newsletter:

    “Who Do Democrats Represent?

    Last Saturday as Democrats voted to send your tax dollars to Ukraine, they stood in solidarity waving the Ukrainian flag on the Floor of the US House.

    How many of those Democrats would stand up and sing the American National Anthem?

    Do they represent Ukrainians or Americans?”

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