Missing the point on gerrymandering

Tweet As y’all know, I’m no fan of Identity Politics. Often, though, I seem to fail to explain why to the satisfaction of all my readers. Let me try again. Today, I eagerly called up an op-ed piece in The Washington Post that was headlined, “The voting fix that cannot wait: Stopping partisan gerrymandering.” I […]

Supreme Court pulls a Pontius Pilate on gerrymandering

Tweet By which I mean, of course, that they have washed their hands of any responsibility for the single problem doing the most to divide our country and destroy our constitutional system: WHAT? Then what’s our recourse? Revolution? https://t.co/tQXB3cqEjX — Brad Warthen (@BradWarthen) June 27, 2019 I’ve got to go get some work done, but I thought […]

A New Hope: SCOTUS to consider fixing gerrymandering

Tweet This morning, I was in the middle of reading an E.J. Dionne column tracing the history of the breakdown in civility in our politics — headlined “The destruction of political norms started decades ago. Here’s how it happened” — when I received news of something that could actually reverse the evil process he was […]

Gerrymandering, South Carolina-style

Tweet Yesterday, we discussed this Supreme Court ruling: The Supreme Court ruled Monday that North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature relied on racial gerrymandering when drawing the state’s congressional districts, a decision that could make it easier to challenge other state redistricting plans. The decision continued a trend at the court, where justices have found that racial […]

How to cure gerrymandering: Draw all districts to look like South Carolina

TweetEnd of last week, Bryan Caskey shared with me this link to an MSNBC host (apparently, his name is Touré — no last name) seeming to suggest that some red-state U.S. senators were voting more conservatively because they live and govern “in a gerrymandered world.” Which seemed to suggest that this guy thought that, you know, […]

Solution to gerrymandering?

TweetAndrew Sullivan just posted something pretty cool. It’s about a computer program that draws far more logical (looking) districts than the madness that political gerrymandering creates. Just imagine — representatives elected by actual, whole communities instead of tortuously carved out to separate people by race and political proclivities, all in the name of partisanship. Go […]

Open Thread for Friday, August 18, 2023

Tweet Just a few quick ones, since I have actual work to do today: Troop Deaths and Injuries in Ukraine War Near 500,000, U.S. Officials Say. Horrific. Yes, folks, this is a real war going on. Further, it’s not just the Russians suffering horrendous casualties. And there’s no end in sight… Awkward Americans see themselves […]

Teague: Math and Redistricting: Diagnosing a problem

TweetThe Op-Ed Page By Lynn Teague Guest Columnist Brad drew my attention to an article in The Washington Post about mathematics and redistricting. This brought to mind some important math about South Carolina’s current legislative districts. The majority of South Carolina’s legislative districts are non-competitive in the general election. The winning candidate is selected in the […]

Lynn Teague: And so it begins… redistricting South Carolina

TweetThe Op-Ed Page EDITOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said so many times, there is no one more important thing we could do to reform and reinvigorate our democracy than to end the scourge of partisan gerrymandering. And it’s hard to imagine any task more difficult. So, when I got an email from our friend Lynn Teague […]

Vote against S.C. GOP effort to disenfranchise you

TweetI’m voting in the Republican primary on Tuesday. The choice of which primary, of course, was easy. Where I live, there is no Democratic primary this year. Not one contested race. Not that the choices offered on the GOP ballot are anything to write home about. There are some candidates running against Lindsey Graham and […]