Happy Birthday to Sheriff Leon Lott, the federal income tax, and anyone else born on this particularly auspicious day

TweetWell, I got my annual birthday card from my twin, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott. He’s a thoughtful guy, although in truth, it’s not that hard for him to remember, even though he’s getting older now. He and I were born on the same day, right here in South Carolina. The coincidences between Leon and […]

Leon Lott at Rotary: THREE standing ovations

Tweet Well, I saw something I've never seen before at my Rotary Club, to the best of my memory (and fellow Rotarians, correct me if I'm wrong): Our main speaker got THREE standing ovations — before he started speaking, in the middle of his remarks, and when he finished. I've seen some war heroes and […]

Lott won’t charge Phelps

TweetJust thought I'd provide y'all with a place to comment on the latest on this local story that's made international waves. An excerpt:     Michael Phelps will not be charged with marijuana possession, though the Olympic champion swimmer admitted to being pictured holding a marijuana pipe at a Columbia house party in November, Richland County […]

Studies: smoking dope can lead to schizophrenia

TweetWhat I had always heard, and even seen in real life, was that teenagers who smoke a lot of dope tend to have trouble maturing, that things that are going on in their undeveloped brains get derailed, with long-term cognitive effects. Hence the phenomenon of the 30-year-old stoner who seems in some ways like a […]

Not only is dope illegal, it should be

TweetNote Cindi's column today about Sheriff Lott and Michael Phelps. Originally (in a somewhat condensed form), it was going to be an editorial — that is, an expression of the consensus of the editorial board as a whole. Trouble is, we didn't reach consensus. We were all in agreement that the sheriff was right to […]

Bad blood between Leon, Harpo?

TweetLooking for something else, I happened to run into this old story from 1991. It's from Leon Lott's Miami Vice days as head of the narcotics squad of the sheriff's department. As many of you will remember, back then Leon had a rep as a bit of a cowboy (in addition to Sonny Crockett, Dirty […]