Meanwhile, back at Wernham Hogg

"Professionalism is … and that’s what I want." — David Brent

I haven’t had time to post anything today because I’m really behind. Fridays are horrible around here — all those weekend pages to put out, plus write a Sunday column — and I’ve just complicated things by dropping one column idea and picking up another one that I’ll have to do from scratch.

Of course, I would have had to do the other one from scratch, even though I’ve had the idea for days. Trouble is, I’m behind on everything because I spent all yesterday afternoon in one of those management training things that they make you do every once in a while if you work at a large publicly-traded company. Basically, I spent several hours being warned yet again about avoiding sexual harrassment, age discrimination, oppressing the workers, etc. So I guess I’m not going to be doing any of that stuff any more. ("So what does that leave me?" I wanted to ask, but didn’t, seeing as how I’m a vice president and all, and supposed to set a good example.)

After the session, we had to fill out a critique form, and there was space to suggest ways to improve the process. At the time I couldn’t think of one, but now I have:

These things would be a lot more fun if they were like the training day episode on "The Office" — the original BBC series, of course, not the American knockoff. In fact, since I have to do a second half-day session next Tuesday (not to mention another a couple of weeks after that), I think I might bring in my acoustic guitar and lead the group in a rousing chorus of "Free Love Freeway." Assuming Debbie doesn’t think that’s too disruptive, of course. Professionalism is … and that’s what I want.