E-mail may have been lost

For those of you who still send me e-mail (which is so 20th century) instead of just coming to the blog to share your thoughts, I pass on the following advisory:

I was out of town the last two days of last week and part of the weekend, and when I came back on Monday (after the big flood, or as I’ve decided to start calling it in South Carolina fashion, the "recent unpleasantness"), my e-mail from that time had disappeared. I had to wait until today to get missing messages restored, and even then, all I got back was last Thursday and Friday (July 28th and 29th). No Saturday or Sunday.

That means if anyone had written to me about my Sunday column on that day, which many are wont to do, I didn’t see it.

So if you still want to tell me something, you might try again, although I would MUCH prefer that you go to the column on my blog and comment there, so everyone can be included in the dialogue.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “E-mail may have been lost

  1. Mike C

    Sorry to hear about losing your email. I just verified that thanks to my compulsiveness about backing things up, I still have email dating back to 1997. In a way, that’s sad.
    But enough about me. I can help you – I have extra email that I’d be happy to forward. Just let me know which of the below you’d like and I’ll send it along.

    Vacation plans? Go somewhere BIG.
    Hair loss solution that works
    Create a free profile and browse local singles
    Get your Free Kmart $1500 Card
    Want a free laptop? Get a Sony VAIO Notebook!
    PayPal – Notification of limited account access
    Let us buy you a $500 Costco or Sams Club Card
    Real Vegas Action from 7 Sultans Inside
    Women love men that take this blue pill
    You Were Referred By John
    Grab 1500 bucks to Pottery Barn – details inside
    Conduct a confidential review of a store in your area
    Meet horny locals
    Money Tree Web Site automatically puts cash in your bank
    Problems regarding the information in your PayPal account

    I’d be happy to send them all if you’d like.

  2. Brad Warthen

    So we see that Mike gets my point as to why it’s critical that I not miss any e-mail.
    If “Women love men that take this blue pill,” why would I want to be left out?

  3. Mike C

    Brad, I’m with you. My wife says she loves it when I take the little blue pill at the right time — to be precise two Alka-Seltzer Daytime Cold Capsules in the morning when I have a cold — because my shirtsleeves are easier to clean. Warning, the green ones are for nighttime – don’t confuse them.
    But I have a confession to make to you and Tim: I held out on you by not disclosing the email from Dr. Gabrul Gboku, a government official in Nigeria. He needs a short-term (maybe 45 days) loan of just $15,000 to put together a deal to liberate some government funds — some $20,000,000 — tied up in some sort of legal tussle. Here’s the sweet part — the fee for the loan is $7,000,000! He was originally offering just $5,000,000, but after talking a bit he bumped it $2M.
    I tried, but I can’t come up with the whole amount, so that’s why I’m telling you about it. I have left a voicemail for Warren Bolton for a tip or two on some lenders who could advance me maybe $5K, and I was thinking that each of you might be able to send me $5K apiece. I figure the split to be $2,333,033 per person, with me taking the extra $901 for the and the stinking collect call. If we work fast, we’ll have a fine Columbus Day, no?
    Just send me the money as soon as you can.

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