Did I miss anything?

In spite of all the hype — something that usually puts me off and makes me choose to spend my time in other ways — I had intended to watch "The Book of Daniel" Friday night, and completely forgot.

What I want to know is, did I miss anything? I sort of suspect not. I see that The New York Times pretty much panned it. The reviewer was unbothered by the overdone dysfunctionality (and it’s really ridiculous, when you read a one-or-two-paragraph synopsis) of the characters or perceived mockeryDaniel of faith, but basically thought it just wasn’t very well done:

The real mark against "The Book of Daniel" is not any antipathy it
might show toward the family or sympathy for the devil. The real
objection is that it’s just not very good.

Only one thing had made me want to watch it. In the promo I saw on the boob tube, the title character is having a chat with Jesus, and complains, "Aren’t you supposed to comfort me?," to which an amused Christ replies, "Where did you read that?"

I liked the understanding that seemed to show of the concept that Christian faith is supposed to challenge us, not make us feel comfortable with ourselves.

Of course, I strongly suspect that was the best bit in the show — although I’ll wait until I have a chance to see it before assuming that’s true. That’s often the way with promos and previews. In fact, that was the case with the movie I watched on DVD Friday night instead of watching "Daniel."

That was "The Island," and the line that pulled me in — and unfortunately, by implication pretty much gave away the plot — was when Steve Buscemi said to Scarlett Johansson, "Well, excuse me, Miss I’m-So-Smart-I-Can’t-Wait-to-Go-to-the-Island." (At least, I think that’s what he said. I’ll check the DVD when I get home and correct as needed.)

Mr. Buscemi was good as always, and all things considered, it wasn’t a bad bit of escapist entertainment, once you accept that it’s little more than an updated version of "Logan’s Run" with higher production values.

But since I missed "Daniel" while watching it, help me out: What did y’all think of it?

10 thoughts on “Did I miss anything?

  1. Tim

    Can’t help you, yet, fellow, but I do have that sucker on DVR to watch at some point.
    On a side note, I hope you will be addressing the grave injustice done Jim Rice yet again by baseball writers.

  2. Joe

    Trust me, you didn’t miss anything. Well, except another bit of tripe being forced on the American public by the left-wing media. The show does nothing but undermine what made this country great (i.e., its faith in God), and advance the leftist atheistic agenda.

  3. Tim

    See, Joe’s comments are what make me want to watch the show, just so it will stay on the air and make people mad for a little while longer.

  4. Mike C

    This writer notes that Christ had better lines in the New Testament than he had on the show. If the clunky dialog and a downer of a plot continue, the show won’t last long.
    But she offers a fair — not rabid — critique of the show’s faults from a conservative Christian perspective.
    I didn’t watch it, but it strikes me as another of those “Ten Suggestions” sort of thing.

  5. Mark Whittington

    Brad and All,

    I don’t know about Daniel, however I encourage everyone to obtain a copy of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a movie which I was initially apprehensive to watch because I believed it would be a horror film, rather than what it really was; a exposition of evil incarnate defeated by the faith and actions of the possessed young woman and her priest. I suppose that some may mostly be impressed by the faith vs. reason theme, however others may be more interested in the young woman’s explanation of her vision and as to why God allowed such a thing to happen.

    You may have missed the song The Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day (Here are the lyrics). The entire CD is well worth listening to in my opinion if you are concerned about both the nation and Christianity being destroyed by commercialism.

  6. Capital A

    Isn’t commercialism at the core of Christianity, as an unspoken tenet?
    “Don’t like Jewish Jesus? Step right up and get Anglicized Jesus, straight from the Renaissance, itself! What’s that, say you’re an African American? Well, you’re in luck. I give thee (imaginatively named)…African American Jesus, as featured on a particularly amusing episode of Good Times!
    All of this, half off in our post-(you really thought it was the actual birthdate of)Christ-mas sale! While supplies last! Void where prohibited (North Korea)!”
    Enough with playing the role of the victim, fellow Christians, ok?

  7. Capital A

    I’m all for Him and His teachings, just not the warped, commercial versions of Him that are sponsored by both the liberal and conservative portions of our society. Surely, the greatest teacher of all time deserves better than misrepresentation and the hypocrisy it engenders.

  8. Bob

    While I am no drama critic, I do think that some characters in the show are badly drawn and overly-dramatic in every sense of the word. The writers could present more realistic characters and plot themes and still have an excellent show. For some reason, the thought of “art imitating life” keeps coming to mind. I think any modern-day preacher could supply the writers and producers of the show with a whole slew of true-to-life characters who are more realistic.
    On the Christian themes, I think that the show does mimic the realities of American churches. Wasn’t there a story yesterday the paper about a Baptist minister who Bible-thumped against homosexuality, but then got caught soliciting an underage boy in a male-prostitute sting? Ministers are fallable humans. They take drugs and are lustful, just like everybody else
    As a whole, I think that the Episcopal church is more “accepting” of differing human viewpoints, so to base the main character on an Episcopal priest is quite appropriate. I know too many stories of people, right here in Columbia, who were kicked out of “Christian” churches because they were not “acceptable.” Just go talk to any gay person and you will get an earful of horror stories.
    Of course, it is easier to turn a blind eye to it all and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  9. PalmettoBug

    It always amazes me when people critic a subject that they have no knowledge of. If you didn’t watch it how can you review it?
    While over the top, it is amusing to watch. Just when you thought they’d covered every possible situation, they introduce another shoe to drop.
    I don’t believe the show will be able to keep up the pace to last more than one season, but I’ve been surprised before.


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