What would YOU ask Andre?

Andre Bauer is coming in for his interview at 4. I’m reviewing a few questions for him between now and then. I’m curious: What would you ask a lieutenant governor who:

  • When stopped speeding down Assembly Street, charged so aggressively at the cop that he felt threatened enough to draw his weapon?
  • When driving 101 mph on a wet highway, got on the police radio frequency to tell the patrolman pursuing him that "SC2" was "passing through," and when he was stoppedAndrecrutch_1 anyway, asked, "Did you not hear me on the radio?"
  • Lying to reporters about that incident, then saying you "forgot" about it when confronted with the evidence?
  • Showed up to negotiate with the Department of Transportation a price for land he owned — with a member of the transportation commission in tow?
  • Has his own Myspace site?
  • Seems almost certain to win the GOP nomination again?

39 thoughts on “What would YOU ask Andre?

  1. bud

    Ask Mr. Bauer to articulate how he helped to reduce the lines at the DMV? He’s taking a lot of credit for this, but as Lt. Governor it seems to me his power is rather limited. Most of the credit (if indeed the lines really are shorter) rests with the implementation of a newer, faster computer system. Maybe Mr. Bauer invented Project Phoenix.

  2. Capital A

    Ask him why he’s lying about his height.
    I was 5’10” in the sixth grade, Mr. Bauer. I knew 5’10”.
    I’m now 6’2″. You’re no 5’10”, Mr. Bauer.

  3. Preston

    Ask about his property taxes. Both on his autos, and on his home(s). Why he doesn’t pay car taxes, and pays land only taxes on his home(s) on Catawba St.

  4. Aaron

    Just ask him to admit to his mistakes. He could break ground for the current GOP batch if he did that.
    But I’m not waiting.

  5. David

    How does a goof-ball like you get elected in the first place?
    When did you first realize that slick Willie (Bill Clinton for the younger folk) had nothing on you?
    Do you find it amusing to abuse your power? Or is it something you get use to?

  6. Capital A

    I don’t get the Clinton comparison, David…unless you’re referring to hisspace.

  7. Randy E

    CapA, Slick Willie wormed and weaseled his way out of trouble. SC-2 worms and weasels too. He admits he’s wrong for driving 100MPH but then uses his busy schedule as the excuse?!!?
    Kids, you too can break laws if you are busy. Just say you are sorry and you’ll do better.

  8. Capital A

    I understand that, Randy. I guess my point was that a more current weasel would be our own present President and a more direct parallel…somewhat, as well.
    I guess I’ll wait to read that post’s author’s intentions if he cares to give them. I was curious, is all.

  9. Randy E

    CapA, I feel you dawg. Lots of current weasels: bribery in both parties, expensive trips to Scotland, hitting a Capital Policeman because he was racist for asking for an ID, ratting out CIA agents…
    This is why I respect Graham…and Brad when he starts running for office (and we write mean things about him on here).

  10. Brad Warthen

    Well, you’re going to write some more mean things when you read my next post. You’re going to say I’m nuts. Hey, even I think I’m nuts. I’m just about to start writing it; check back in about half an hour.

  11. Capital A

    Oh, God…he gazed into Gorilla Grodd’s eyes during that interview this afternoon and fell in love.

  12. Randy E

    Either Brad is getting a Myspace site, he’s moving to central Penn to be a beat reporter for the Amish Times (where his beard will be appreciated), or he’s going to write something nice about SC-2.

  13. Aaron

    I appreciate the many smart people here criticising this guy, but that’s the problem. American politics to me seems to be a cycle of mistake after mistake. The guys who might have a chance/experience in the field tend to be ignored for the guy with the most connections.
    Bauer frustrates me on these grounds… the man is the most obvious criminal, but he’s still running? Bloody hell.

  14. Dave

    Campbell will win the Lt Gov job, setting himself up to take over for Sanford. Andre wont make it now..

  15. Capital A

    Well, we could resort to physical attacks like the obviously more civiliz(s)ed British and Asian politicians practic(s)e on each other, but a little inc(s)ident with Charles Sumner and a cane knocked us back to our sens(c)es.
    All we did was found and push forward the greatest representative democracy this world has witnessed, so, you know…we’re making it somehow.

  16. Randy E

    CapA, don’t forget about those Eastern Euros. Saw last week where one slapped the other in the middle of some banquet. AND, we have a Ga dem who’s already slapping officials, but that was valid. The cop had the nerve to ask for her ID.
    Dave, I agree and I like the guy. The Lt Gov spot is just a farm system for the major leagues.

  17. Capital A

    I give her a pass though, RE. I’m kind of partial to the sassy, black momma type if only for the fact that one of them helped name me. Their comic potential is boundless.
    Campbell wins on the sympathy vote and the general perception of his adequate capability. I know my Sandlappers.

  18. Randy E

    LOL CapA, you almost sound like Rush: “I’m so glad he was re-elected” referring to Clinton (good for Rush’s ratings). She wasn’t so sassy after the black caucus had a sit down with her.
    I like respectable candidates and I like Campbell’s stance on education: “suburban schools are solid, rural need help, boost economy in rural areas so they can help themselves.”

  19. Capital A

    “You almost sound like Rush.”
    That may be the single greatest insult I’ve ever received. I’m glad the qualifier “almost” was in there…(wait for it)…(qualifier coming)…at least.

  20. Lee

    You should be honored to be compared to such a great man. He supports our capitalist enterprises like the drug companies, he makes people think – especially all of us Dittoheads, and he keeps government honest by revealing the lies told about Tom Delay and Duke Cunningham.

  21. Dave

    Rush is the best at dissecting what is really happening culturally and politically and then he relays that concisely and articulately. He removes the liberal fog spread over all the news. The liberals hate that more than anything.

  22. David

    “I don’t get the Clinton comparison, David…unless you’re referring to hisspace.”
    Clinton – the ability to make someone feel like they are your best buddy, that he really cares, that he was really sorry, and that he won’t ever do it again.
    Bauer has that ability 100%. I believe he is the exact type of man that shakes your hand, tells you exactly what you want to hear, makes you feel like you have a friend in the state house, and then walks off thinking that he just met another fool.
    and yes, I have met Bauer and seen that in action myself. You know – the feeling that he hated being where he was at, didn’t like anyone there – but man he put on a great act.
    I think he is the biggest phony going in South Carolina and he proves it every day.

  23. Randy E

    Maybe Rush lifted his pharmaceutical fog, but that’s about it. Anyone that universally takes one party’s side no matter the issue isn’t generating original thought, only parrotting a party platform.

  24. Aaron

    “All we did was found and push forward the greatest representative democracy this world has witnessed, so, you know…we’re making it somehow.”
    I forget when this happened – was it when blacks were only worth 3/5s of a person, when women couldn’t vote, or when you kept shooting Presidents you didn’t like?
    Yeh, cos shooting Reagan is more representative of the “greatest representitive democracy” (I believe that would go to India on objective grounds because of it having more people) while having more than two parties is a sign of a self destructive democracy.

  25. Capital A

    Aaron, I have to admit all that stuff happened after your own citizens tried to blow up Parliament but before and during the time when your country was wasting millions of filthy lucre on pointless figureheads. Those events also all happened during and after your country was still struggling to control its “colonies” by proxy and before the press of your homeland and its historical rival chased down and killed a member of your own dentally-challenged “royalty.”
    Oh, yeah, the British have it allll figured out. Go on, son, go on!
    Maybe your best bet is to crouch down and watch your overhyped soccer team make its usual early exit from the World Cup.
    Domo origato, Mr. Roboto!

  26. Capital A

    David, I’ve met a guy exactly like that…Strom Thurmond. Your reference is more current, though.
    Thanks for taking time to explain your meaning.

  27. David

    Captial A
    I never met Strom but I’ll take your word for it.
    I wouldn’t have voted for Strom either if he was anything like Andre.

  28. Capital A

    David, it wasn’t like Strom and I were good buddies. He spent about five minutes or so at SC Boys’ State ’91 talking to and advising a small group of us “young gennelmens” in the ways of the political arena.
    I had just lost my bid to be “elected” as Boys State Coroner, and I kept thinking to myself, “If I had won and this guy kicks it right here, would I have been called into duty?”. Who knew he’d keep plugging along for so long?
    Although, as an adult, I’m so curious how George Lucas nailed Strom so perfectly as witnessed by the character of Emperor Palpatine.

  29. Aaron

    I guess the whole tourism issue is lost on the minds of the lost. The Royal Family not only supports dozens of charities, but they also pay for themselves about six times over for the tourism.
    So yes, spend millions, get billions back, it’s a sweet deal.
    I also very much enjoy your sharp, witty and well informed criticism of the British Empire. Why, had we the internet a mere century ago you could be a social commentator. Instead, your piffle revolves around old stereotypes and little reality. Reagan was shot in our lifetimes, Clinton was being serviced and lying under oath in our lifetimes, and Bush. Jnr was launching major ill-conceived wars too, although obviously for that one Mr. Blair is equally guilty.
    Except the British public are painfully aware of that and have been since day one.
    Regardless, the criticism from a foreigner does not indicate any support for my own system.
    And overhyped? Dear Lord, how often is that old lie bandied about? Who is overhyping England’s (and not Britain’s) chances? Another of those myths put forward as truth.
    Mayhaps you believe the Puritans also left England for “religious freedom”?

  30. Capital A

    Well, along with the Wallace and Gromit snorefests of more recent times, I guess your “greatest” export historically would be the Puritans. A hearty thanks for those lads and lasses that even you didn’t want. You give us religious intolerance and overrated comedy troupes, we give you freedom from a would-be world conqueror. Justice worthy of the Old Bailey, herself, no?
    As far as the “hype” myth, SkyNews Sports proves you to be wrong. Watch it once and you’ll come away thinking that the Red Cross will part the Red Sea. Even a futbol fan in passing knows that Becks and company will be packing the tea and crumpets and heading for home by the end of June.
    Speaking of, Becks and Poshy prove that the British public aren’t any more well informed or clever than the American. How long can that love affair lead off every English news outlet? And why? Because they have the best dental package on the island?
    The Brits have it figured, right? I say, “Ni!”.

  31. Aaron

    I don’t ever recall America saving Britain… at anything directly, but I’m sure in your cute little mind you’ve got it all worked out somewhere.
    But the quasi-history jokes are clearly your forte; the banter is top level. Your lack of knowledge about the depths of British history, culture, modern affairs and politics and just a few caricatures are truly delightful.
    Please continue in your manner; you just fuel the mistaken stereotype that every American is a self-absorbed fool with the cultural education of mass produced swiss cheese.
    After all, even the power of logic is dead in your hands. Two people in no context disprove something, but mass marches, low support and backbench dissent sounds more like an educated public to me.
    Tsk tsk; I would advise sticking with the mythos of your own mind, because outside of it you may face the truth.
    Do “the Brits” have it figured out? No. Do Americans? No. Perhaps I should retort by calling you “colonials” or “yanks” next time to match your level of sophistication. Clearly my arguments go over your head as it is.

  32. Capital A

    For anyone doing a cursory perusal of this board, it is plainly evident that you were already playing the stereotypical role of the all-knowing British elitist before I piped up. Your pipe smoke was pungent as it continues to be.
    You did your best in WWII. That goes without saying. You were saved…by us. That’s a fact that seems to have sailed on by nowhere else but your tiny isle.
    Do I think England is less for all that? No. Are England’s recent historical accomplishments lesser than those of the US? Clearly, yes.
    It’s ok, though, because Superman still needs Aquaman for certain operations. Just realize that your historical importance has greatly lessened, your Atlantis has sunk, as it were, before you engage in criticism of the prime player in the world drama. Blair is Bush’s lapdog which is truly disappointing because I used to expect more from the Brits.
    You want to present Ronald Reagan as the worst parts of America? I’ll give you that and raise you a Margaret Thatcher.
    Arguments going over my head? Doubtful. But I do hope many scored goals are volleyed over the heads of English defensemen…especially by teams representing those aforementioned colonies.
    Now THAT would be Shakespeare…
    In the end, I guess your very existence on this blog proves my point. You’ve chosen to reside in America for a reason, right?
    I mean, if you aren’t residing here and you’re blowing smoke about our problems, then that makes you at least a half a level below asinine. Unless you’re “kind of here” which would make you…oh, God…you’re not Canadian, are you?!
    Al Gore and the Internet, what hath you wrought?!

  33. Aaron

    To anyone who reads this board and knows basic logic, anyone can see that a critique of one thing does not automatically mean a defense of another. So what if I feel that being an outsider I can bring a new angle to these things? At no point did I suggest the British system was better. Horses for courses.
    Instead, my argument that your system is failing is faced apparently with the argument not to defend the system, but instead attack cultural icons who at their peak came from last millenia, and lambast a history of almost four centuries back.
    Then, you proceed to suggest America saved Britain. Pray tell, when was this? When did some doughboys come in and save the day? Was it when Hitler’s navy was limited by ours? Was it perhaps when your air force gained aerial superiority over the Nazis at the Battle of Britain? Oh wait, America wasn’t there either.
    If anything, the US strategy of ignoring Nazi atrocities from the disaster you helped create from your Great Depression means that Britain had to save your butts. Had Britain allied with Germany, then America would never have had a chance to compete on a world scale, either economically or militarily.
    So yes, I believe America is the main cause that the war was won; no, I do not think it saved Britain doing it. That is my opinion on a complex matter that a blog could not possibly hope to maintain.
    Historial importance and being “the big dog” is something the UK has gone through, failed at, and realized we were better off never having. If having time on your side is a negative, then I guess countries like East Timor are the best given their lack of history. You claim to be all important, but your economy lags behind the EU and your army behind China.
    America is certainly a better hegemon than a USSR or communist China, but given the mistakes Bush and co. makes rival that of British foreign policy post WWI, I think we all know where America is heading.
    I reside in America because I like the country, and more importantly because I love an American girl. To claim I moved here to improve my lot or because it presents more freedoms is a laugh at best. It’s not a bad country to live in, that’s all.
    But for your heart, I’m not Canadian. Finally, something we can both agree upon.

  34. Capital A

    Agreed and truce. You’re certainly less obnoxious than my own English and Canadian friends.
    Once again, go on, son, go on!

  35. Aaron

    I’m glad it was resolved peacefully. From reading your other posts, you seemed to be an intelligent and caring person, so perhaps the shock of being attacked was what threw me off
    P.S. Once again I’m facing the ire of my friends and family back home by being a big USA fan this summer, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

  36. Capital A

    Thanks, mate. I’m a little touchy when non-natives criticize my home (ask Doug) so I admit my fault in the matter.
    May as well pull for a winner, huh? Especially with so many SC ties that this team has…
    I’m so proud of Costa Rica’s showing and Ecuador’s win today. Go, New World, beat the Old!

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