Pay no attention to this

Bob McAlister is engaging in the sort of silly, irresponsible journalism that should be left to us professionals.

Some people will just do anything to get people to look at their blogs.

Pay no attention to the man behind the post.

Or maybe, before you turn away, you’ll want to look at this, in which the former chief of staff to Carroll Campbell engages in a bit of GOP whistling past the graveyard.

Just kidding. Bob’s post is at least based in fact. I could have sworn I heard Democrats on NPR this morning spinning this as their having done well. It seems the Republican "survived an unusually strong challenge" in "a relative squeaker."

"This will send a message across the country… that will send us to victory in November," said loser Francine Busby (shown celebrating below). Or something like that. I was half asleep. You go listen.



13 thoughts on “Pay no attention to this

  1. Nathan

    Brad, NPR? No wonder you swear you aren’t a liberal. Everyone right of George Soros is considered a right-wing radical by that crowd. So what is it, NPR in the morning and Air America in the afternoon?

  2. Brad Warthen

    No, but it’s NPR in the morning. And there is no comparison between them and Air America.
    Sometimes, as I’m driving in, I also listen to John Boy and Billy. Beyond that, I have no regular radio habits.
    I don’t know what that adds up to.

  3. Dave

    The Today Show, after promoting the CA special house race as a bellwhether for Dem prospects to take back the House for the past month, chose to ignore the GOP victory today. Basically, the Culture of Corruption tag stuck on the loudmouths promoting it… NPR was saddened by the Dem loss. The woman who lost had told illegals that they could vote even if they were not citizens, on tape mind you. The liberal media and our lovable losers, the Dems, two of a kind.

  4. Dave

    5% points in a win is now a relative squeaker. When a dem wins by 5%, it is a mandate and landslide. Oh, the hypocrisy of it all. But hey, this is fun watching anti-American democrats lose. Maybe our next new Olympic sport along with rock-scissors-paper.

  5. Dave

    More sad news for Democrats… Zarqawi was killed by the US military. Only Mary Rosh and a few zombies now think the war is going bad. Locals have turned against AQ.

  6. Nathan

    Brad, you are right there is no comparison between the two. NPR spends our tax dollars on liberal advocacy, Air America steals their money from children’s charities. Both are unabashedly liberal, but there is more vitriol on Air America.

  7. Aaron

    This has to be most extremist right wing posts I have ever read.
    Didn’t Bush himself say he had a mandate to be a unifier after his close election victory in 2004? Both Democrats and Republicans spin the same trash in these things. It’s like having two equally fat people yelling at the other for being fat.
    No wonder people don’t vote as much as they used to.

  8. Nathan

    People don’t vote as much as they used to because they don’t get to hear Simon insult the candidates singing before they vote. Sadly, Americans have become more and more uneducated about current events and now the Brad and Angelina baby is more important than the death of a terrorist mastermind. As for the mandate issue, you are right, politicians will spin things thier way. What is sad is when the media spins things for the left by saying that the gay marriage vote lost by a wide margin, taking the issue away from Republicans, when the issue had more yes votes than no votes, just not enough to get past a filibuster. Yet, the democrat losing in a district where the republican that was in the seat is a criminal is a good thing for the dems because she didn’t get slaughtered. No matter what happens, the news spins it good for dems, and bad for republicans.

  9. Dave

    Aaron, Bush did attempt to be non-partisan after he was elected. What did that get him, nothing but hatred from Tommy Dasshole, Ted Kennedy, Hillary, Howard Dean, Feingold, and many others. The left has only one agenda,,, Hate Bush.

    What is right wing on this thread?

  10. Ready to Hurl

    Here’s what you won’t read in the wingnut blogosphere, Dave:
    In 2004, Busby lost the CA-50 by 22.0%. Today, it looks like she will lose by around 4.5%. And that was with the NRCC spending $4.5M on the race. If Republicans want to spin losing 18 points after spending $4.5M of committee money as a good thing, go for it. […] By blowing their wad in a solidly Republican district, they wanted to change the media narrative on the election in their favor. […] In reality, for a Republican candidate to pull 49.5% of the vote in a district with 44.5% Republican registration is shocking. Given those numbers, Bilbray probably managed all of 20% of the vote among independents.
    —from My DD blog

  11. Ready to Hurl

    Dave, name three ways that Bush attempted bipartisanship in his first term. I can only think of a single example: collaborating with Ted Kennedy on NCLB. (Subsequently, Kennedy learned about deals with Bush when Dear Leader failed to fully fund NCLB.)
    Otherwise, Bush took a razor-thin and extremely questionable .51% popular vote edge over Gore and tried to instill a radical rightwing agenda.
    The Republican controlled House and Senate consistently shut the Dems out from every legislative action possible— legally, illegally or extra-legally.
    In your Nazi-like devotion to Dear Leader you simply can’t conceive of an opposition party. In your view, not toeing the Republican line = traitor.

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