The Final Countdown: Millionth page view likely coming up Friday

Folks, for what it’s worth, and whatever it means, this blog will most likely have its millionth page view sometime tomorrow. That’s Friday, May 2, 2008.

Or Saturday at the latest.

I won’t be exactly sure when we’ve hit the mark. I’ve got two counters going — the one you see in the upper right hand corner of your screen (at 997,549 as I type this), and the internal dashboard one in TypePad (at 996,986). The one you see is consistently running about 500 or 600 page views ahead of the internal one. I don’t know whether to believe either of them, of course.

Still haven’t decided how to celebrate. I won’t be able to tell who the millionth visitor is, but maybe I’ll award some arbitrary prize to the first person who leaves a comment after the first counter ticks over, or after both of them have, or something.

One thing I DO know is that the big moment is likely to come when I’m too busy to notice it, Fridays being my worst days of the week.

Anyway, I’m still open to celebration suggestions…

4 thoughts on “The Final Countdown: Millionth page view likely coming up Friday

  1. randy E

    Breakfast at you ritzy top of the city diner, on Doug, for the regs.
    Maybe you let us write your column one Sunday – bash Sanford, champion the “war”, and share nasal discomfort stories…

  2. randy e

    Actually, with the tax cuts McCain wants to continue giving the wealthy, like Brad, he should pay.

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