Pots take kettles to task

So for a moment there I thought, "Wow! Jim Clyburn is criticizing his fellow Democrats, whose caucus he chairs!"

But then I read the release more closely. Apparently, the Democrats have done nothing but support all that our nation is trying to achieve in the War on Terror, and the Republicans have been sowing despair and discontent. Well, shame on them.

September 13, 2006

WASHINGTON, DC — House Democratic Caucus Chairman James E. Clyburn today delivered the following speech on the House floor:
    “Five years after 9/11, we have still failed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.  We have not destroyed al Qaeda. A new Pentagon report shows that the situation in Iraq is worsening, with the number of attacks against Americans and Iraqis climbing to highest average per week since the war began. Nearly 2,700 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq; over 20,000 have been wounded.  U.S. taxpayers have paid more than $300 billion for the Iraq war.
    “Yet we are spending four hours on the House floor debating a partisan resolution about one of the most tragic days in American history.  Mr. Speaker, now is not the time to divide the country.  Slogans and partisanship will not bring us victory.  ‘Stay the course,’ ‘You’re either with us or against us,’ are not strategic military strategies.
    “Five years after 9/11 we must be clear, the war in Iraq has distracted us from finding Osama bin Laden, dismantling al Qaeda and fighting the war on terrorism.  We must put the future of Iraq in the hands of the Iraqis so we can focus on our primary goal, winning the war on terrorism.  We must also end the stonewalling and pass the 9/11 Commission recommendations.
    “But the Republican Leadership is fighting the wrong battle.  They announced yesterday, a war against Democrats on security.  Mr. Speaker, our nation is engaged in a war against a real and brutal enemy who finds pleasure in taking innocent life and who works every day to undermine the freedom and democracy we hold dear.  I suggest the Republican Leadership focus its energy on fighting that enemy, not their fellow Americans. 
    “As this nation faces the greatest challenge of our generation, defeating terrorism, our leaders must preach strength and unity, not partisanship and divisiveness.”

13 thoughts on “Pots take kettles to task

  1. Dave

    Clyburn is truly a major league Clymer. As if killing UBL would end all the strife and from then on the world would live in peace. Now, after almost six years of trying to divide the nation and attack the president, this guy calls for unity. He can go back to his useless gerrymandered district and try to build bridges to nowhere over swamps and who cares.

  2. bud

    Bravo Clyburn! I’ve had my disagreements with him in the past (Dave’s reference to the Lone Star/Rimini bridge as an example)but this article is right-on. It’s not said often enough or forcefully enough but it’s true, the administration and their lackeys are making us less safe. That’s the bottom line.

  3. Ready to Hurl

    Brad, you don’t have to give up your hatred of the people who have been proven correct (since you and Bush have been proven wrong) to want the best for America.
    It takes a big man to admit publicly that he’s wrong. I wonder if you’ll ever measure up.

  4. Ready to Hurl

    “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.”
    -Edward R. Murrow

  5. Mary Rosh

    Warthen once again shows the the dishonesty that has made him a failure as journalist and as a human being, and the cowardice that kept him out of Vietnam, and that keeps him from making any personal contribution of any kind to the “war on terror”.
    He refers to support of “all that our nation has tried to achieve in the War on Terror,” dishonestly conflating support for neutralizing the terrorist threat with support for every policy of the Bush adminstration, thus showing his dishonesty. He refers to “sowing despair and discontent,” thereby seeking to avoid the arguments of his detractors by casting them as outside legitimate discourse so that he won’t have to address them, thus showing his cowardice.
    As a matter of fact, the “despair and discontent” is not being “sown” by anyone. It is a natural result of the loss of the lives of nearly 2700 soldiers (not Warthen or any of his family members, of course) the wounding of over 20,000 of our soldiers (again, not Warthen or any of his family members) and the waste of over $300 billion dollars (none of it representing any net positive contribution by Warthen)
    Warthen once again snidely advocates a war that costs him nothing, but has had immesurable costs for those who fight in it and those who pay for it, not by standing up in a forthright and courageous way, but by cravenly casting the opponents of the war (who have been proven correct in every respect and whose every prediction has come to pass) as sowing (defeatism and despair).

  6. LexWolf

    “”We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.”
    -Edward R. Murrow”
    Quite so. The only problem with that quote is that the loyal opposition died years ago and all we have left is the disloyal opposition.

  7. Randy Ewart

    Dave and others react not with an eye on what’s best for the country, but at attacking anyone who questions the GOP. Is there any doubt that some if not many republicans are attempting to use the “cut and run” ploy to their political advantage?
    Granted, Clyburn needs to cut spending on the war to pay for his bridge. This doesn’t diminish the partisan posturing of diverting attention from the issue at hand as happens on this blog daily – any criticism of republicans is met with “ya, but Clinton…”

  8. Ready to Hurl

    Brad, have you started volunteering at Dorn, yet?
    Lexie, you define the “disloyal opposition” as anyone who opposes Bush’s disasterous policies. You would have made a fantastic Red Guard.

  9. Capital A

    Quite so. The only problem with that quote is that the loyal opposition died years ago and all we have left is the disloyal opposition.
    Posted by: LexWolf | Sep 13, 2006 7:20:15 PM
    Spoken like a true McCarthyite. A day of reckoning is coming, though, just as he had his.
    One wonders what your excuses will be when the objects of your man-crushes are publicly shamed and/or prosecuted for their overreaching ambitions.

  10. Lee

    Capital A sounds like he is fantasizing again about that glorious day when the socialist finally have enough power to shut down criticism, disarm the former citizens, and round up those who complain.
    The Creative Class will be forced to invent more, and create more taxes to fund the programs which the true socialist intellectuals know to be right. No more slouching by the taxpayers! No more using our military to help other nations escape the yoke of dictators. No sir!
    Dream on.

  11. Dave

    Cap A – Au contraire, if the Muslims succeed in some kind of a new mass murder in the US, the majority of Americans will call for extreme punishment for the enemy within. So I wouldn’t be planning any prosecution of Bush, especially with the odds increasing each day that the GOP holds onto Congress this fall.

  12. Preston

    Whose analysis do you read. You clowns receive faulty info. The number of endangered GOP seats has doubled to 25 according to last weeks Washington Post Weekly Edition (Their source is Congressional Quarterly).

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