And don’t tell me your sad stories…


We’re not the only ones wrestling with how to host a civil, useful blog in these rhetorically savage times.

Today, I happened upon this item headlined, "Think Like a Saloon Keeper." Here’s a salient excerpt:

Gradually I though of the spaces we were providing for these conversations similar to a saloon, with a collection of tables where people gathered to talk about whatever. We were the proprietor of the space — a private proprietor of commercial space — and welcomed the public, and pointed to the sign on the wall that read: "No spitting, fighting, or flamewars." We reserved the right to toss out anyone who was ruining the experience for everyone else…

I like the metaphor. Yeah, I know I haven’t been serving up much booze lately, but I figured y’all were getting enough of that over the holidays.

But with the new year upon us, and the Legislature coming back next week, it’s time to tap some fresh kegs and get ready for a run on the bar. I’ll be the one standing behind it, cleaning the glasses.


4 thoughts on “And don’t tell me your sad stories…

  1. Brad Warthen

    Thanks! And welcome back. You were probably too drunk to remember, but you’re one of the ones I had to toss out earlier…
    Good to see you all cleaned up and sober. Now have a beer.

  2. Dave

    I thought the guy who tossed me looked more like Festus than Marshall Dillon. Brad was serving some serious firewater in that joint. hahahahahah

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