One happy beach bum


This forwarded message was waiting for me this morning. As I begin another long Friday, it’s good to know that somebody out there is happy and satisfied:

This photo is titled “Tax Change Worries Officials.”  I am holding the March 18th, 2007, edition of The State on the beautiful shores of Cherry Grove.  School systems no longer can rely on residential property taxes; instead they are at the mercy of the State: more pleasing words I have never read in The State.   

Please forward this email & photo to Cindi Scoppe for me.
Many thanks for your prompt courtesy and intelligent attention.  Best wishes for a long, hot summer.

Robert Collins
Irmo SC

Party on, Robert.

2 thoughts on “One happy beach bum

  1. Ready to Hurl

    Yay! SC will definitely rocket to bottom with the same people in charge that found the Corridor of Shame acceptable.
    I hope that Robert isn’t planning on his Irmo home increasing in value. People have to want to live in state or school district for that to happen.

  2. Terry Trentham

    Here are the two PC candidates from the party that invented political correctness and rams it down everyone`s throat each and every day, going at each other over bogus charges of racial insensitivity. It doesn`t get any better than this. Now maybe they will understand how the rest of us feel. Their little invention has pretty much put an end to honest discourse in this country and created a wealth of garbage “news”.

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