That’ll show ’em!


t’s not enough for some hard-liners that the immigration bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate last week. In some parts of the country, retaliation is the order of the day.

To get even with Mexico for having a lousy economy and forcing all its poor to stream across our border, the Oregon legislature has decided to start sending our politicians down there.

That should stop the flow of illegal aliens quicker than any old wall. Anyway, here’s the Associated Press caption to the picture:

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney is joined by his wife, Margie, on the Senate floor in Salem, Ore., Thursday, June 28, 2007, after receiving a gift trip to Mexico from fellow Senators as the legislature works to wind up this year’s session.

This might be more devastatingly effective than the time we sent the Marines down to Montezuma’s place.

9 thoughts on “That’ll show ’em!

  1. LexWolf

    Maybe we could send some of our worst legislative piggies down there as well – on a one-way trip! I would gladly contribute $10 per piggy for that purpose and so would quite a few other taxpayers. Heh, I’d even throw in another $10 to ship out the big-government ideologue editorial page editor as well.

  2. ed

    What would really stop the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants into our country would be to enact and enforce the same immigration laws that Mexico has enacted and enforces against our citizens who enter their country illegally. I don’t think our politicians would be any sort of deterrent to them…our politicians are pretty much just like theirs from what I can tell. Lindsey Graham and Ted Kennedy would fit right in, (well, I’m not sure where Ted Kennedy actually “fits” anymore). Ed

  3. Brad Warthen

    Um … who’s trying to sneak into Mexico?
    Somehow, the idea of Mexico getting credit for doing a great job keeping illegals out reminds me of an old an moldy joke I first heard when I was a kid, and have heard over and over in various forms since:
    A man stands on a corner leaning against a lamppost and snapping his fingers. A cop, assuming with reason that he is loitering, walks up and demands to know what the guy thinks he’s doing.
    “I’m keeping the elephants away,” he says, continuing to snap his fingers.
    “But,” says the cop, looking around, “there’s no elephants around here.”
    “Yeah, I know,” snap, snap. “I’m really doing a great job, huh?”

  4. ed

    I think my point got lost whilst I was attempting to be cute. I was simply trying to contrast what the Mexican government does about illegals against what Lindsey Grahamnesty wanted to do. You are right however, no one who is sane wants to leave here and go live there. Talk about trading down…sheesh. Mexico, they say, is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to…well, you know the rest. Ed

  5. ed

    There are some people I WISH would go there to live. Does that count? Of course, they wish the same about me. There is a symmetry and proportion about that is just cosmically right, isn’t there? Ed

  6. Ralph

    Lindsey Graham has betrayed his conservative promises and has voted with the liberal democrats 18 times (from Jan 1st through Jul 1st). He saif Ted Kennedy
    was a great man of principle and he has been on the wrong side of thos values which are important to the people who sent him to congress.
    South Carolina has a choice !!
    Tim Carnes is running against Lindsey Graham and will return conservative integrity back into the representation that the people of South Carolina receives
    in the Senate.
    Vote for a change in 2008.

  7. ed

    He’s got my vote. Heck, I’d vote for Donald Duck before I would ever consider voting again for Graham. And I bet Carnes would even be a better senator than D. Duck. Bonus! Choice (in some circumstances) is a great thing! Ed

  8. bud

    Tim Carnes is running against Lindsey Graham and will return conservative integrity back into the representation that the people of South Carolina receives in the Senate.
    “conservative integrity”. I guess Thomas Ravenel represents good ole “conservative integrity”. That is the mother of all oxymorons.


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