Write your own caption


"Hey, I may not be a silver-tongued orator, but don’t I sound good next to these guys?"

4 thoughts on “Write your own caption

  1. Steve

    “Andre, I’ll grab Warthen’s head like this so you can get a couple free kicks in! And can you give Altman’s embalmer a call.”

  2. Tim

    The ghost of Strom Thurmond looks on as Governor Mark Sanford admonishes Andre Bauer to “..keep both hands on the wheel when you’re speeding down Assembly Street.”

  3. Capital A

    His loving gaze and the emotions gurgling beneath were betrayed only by his flowing robe and its symbolic coloration. In fact, the governor’s hand-posing bravado concerning his own personal asset was just that–machoistic exaggeration–as he, the adorer, knew very well.
    As an incredulous public knew just as well, due to their turns at being screwed by the same witless lover…


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