Did Obama get Bush cooties from hugging McCain?


e’ve all seen the pictures that the Bush haters love to circulate of McCain hugging W. To these people, the picture is worth a million words. It’s worth a book, in fact — I saw an anti-McCain book in Barnes & Noble not long ago that had that photo on the cover. It made me wonder whether the publishers had lost their minds, because the target audience doesn’t need to see anything else! The picture tells it all! Anyone who would hug Bush, under any circumstances, HAS to be bad, because no one who deserves to draw breath would ever, EVER do that.


It’s important to these folks to circulate the picture, and the video, in order to keep hate alive. Otherwise, what would they have to live for after January 2009? The only way to go on is to equate McCain with Bush, despite all the logical barriers. They touched! So that makes him radioactive. No more needs to be said.

Given all that, imagine my shock to learn that, at the Saddleback Church debate, Obama hugged McCain! This raises the burning question: Did McCain give him Bush cooties?

Think of the implications! The Democratic National Convention will be next week, and what would Obama be expected to do — hug fellow Democrats, of course! OMG! The whole party could become infected by this detestable contagion! And what are the alternatives? Well, to put Obama into quarantine, of course. But if you do that the week of the convention, Bill and Hillary will REALLY take over!

So it turns out that there are WMD after all, and McCain’s got ’em: Bush cooties.

10 thoughts on “Did Obama get Bush cooties from hugging McCain?

  1. Mark

    The WMD joke might almost be funny if it weren’t for the 4100 plus dead US soldiers who never got a chance to laugh it off.

  2. bud

    Mark, what do expect from a person who simply saw absolutely nothing wrong with Bush’s utterly disgusting chorographed joke about WMD before the national press orgranization. Brad apparently has no problem with death and destruction just as long as it involves our military. Somehow that makes everything ok.

  3. Political Bill

    Interesting photo; reminds me of the “cheek
    kiss” Obama got from John Edwards a while back.
    Makes you wonder which of the four needs
    to be innoculated first.

  4. Harry Harris

    The charge that Sen. McCain hugged President Bush is symbolic – you know, metaphoric. The picture simply represents his conversion to Bush-like policies. Tax cuts that favor rich folks, doing away with inheritance tax, oil company driven energy policy, insurance company driven health care reform, militaristic foreign policy, private school vouchers, and the Karl, Rove/Jack Abramoff crowd. His campaign staff are loaded with the same people – look at the tone of his campaign. “Straw man” attacks on his opponent. Look at his new religious term-laced rhetoric. It’s not the old John McCain.

  5. Brad Warthen

    Yeah, Harry, I get it. It’s symbolic of a whole lot of nonsense that partisan Democrats choose to believe because they can’t face life without a Republican to hate. I get it.
    What I don’t understand is why the partisan idiots on the right haven’t trotted out a picture of Obama hugging Ted Kennedy. They must be off their stupid game.

  6. Wally Altman

    Brad, (for me at least) the picture you’re referring to is not seen as significant simply because it’s McCain hugging Bush. Bush’s campaign utterly trashed McCain in 2000, and then a few years later you get this pic of McCain not just hugging Bush, but embracing him with what looks to be significant emotion. THAT’s what I think of when I see this photo; McCain latching on to the guy who did him wrong for the sake of political expediency. Of course this is not at all uncommon in politics; the reason it’s an issue is because it’s utterly contrary to the image of being a maverick which McCain somehow succeeds in projecting even though it’s no longer true.
    Of course, if you don’t care to dig into the symbolism, you can just look at McCain’s voting record for the past two years; he voted with Bush’s position 95% of the time in 2006 and 100% of the time in 2007.

  7. bud

    “Even in retrospect, he would choose the path of retreat and failure for America over the path of success and victory,”
    -John McCain
    This proves, yet again, that John McCain is no maverick. It’s the same old GOP smear campaign. The only difference is the name of the person doing the smearing. McCain’s pandering, partisan assaults and just plain silliness are so flagrant, obvious and predictable that anyone who tries to maintain the chirade that he is somehow different from all the other GOP smearmeisters is either an idiot or a part of the GOP campaign. So which is it Brad?

  8. bud

    Perhaps instead of a bus McCain could drive around the country in an old Ford Maverick. Wouldn’t that be fitting. A rusting, delapidated old relic of a car, driven by a worn-out relic of a man. This was probably the only car in history that didn’t have a glove box. The thing was so bad Ford quickly replaced it with the “much improved” Pinto.

  9. Harry Harris

    Brad, If you think the Republicans are off their stupid game, you must have missed a few things – Hilton/Spears, Rev. Wright, Pelosi, William Ayres, and more to come. Brace yourself. I have no hate for John McCain – he is my favorite among the Republican candidates. I do oppose the policies he has embraced that betray the earlier McCain and the Rovian tactics he has employed in this campaign. Look at the ads the campaign is spreading virally through their website, the surrogate-promoted books and email messages. The left-leaning crowd are highly critical of Obama for not “hitting back” with the same attack-oriented campaigning that he has mostly resisted until now. It will likely get nasty, which is just the kind of campaign the Republicans are used to winning. The want to bait him into their “briarpatch.”

  10. Howard

    It’s not that McCain was just a POW … it’s the fact that he was offered an early release by the enemy, after being tortured for 3 years. But, because John McCain had the honor, integrity, character, courage, and love of America, he chose to refuse a release that would be earlier than his fellow prisoners, resulting in his being imprisoned and tortured for an additional 2 1/2 years. In addition to that, he also served this country as a senator for 20 years. What has Obama done? … He was a community organizer, who increased voter registration … then, he took away the people’s votes by disqualifying his opponents on technicalities. Next, he won the senate, due to a scandal by his opponent, Senator Jack Ryan. Furthermore, Obama is a junior senator, with no experience, who has spent half of his time in office running for President.


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