Taking dumb to new depths

Remember when I had some dismissive things to say a few months ago about the aggressively stupid promos I get on my laptop regularly from the "Real Message Center?" I’ve noticed lately, during those split-seconds it takes to close that box when it pops up, that they’ve been getting worse and worse.

At least before, there was something from time to time that at least looked like something a reasonably intelligent person who wants to keep up with entertainment news (you may consider that to be a contradiction in terms, but there is a small set of such people) might want to click on, such as clips from a new movie or something. But check out today’s offerings:

  • Pop Starlets: Beautiful and Dumb
  • Celeb Love Connections + Amazing Race 13
  • Sexy Brunettes + Wild Musicians

And yes, I know one of y’all was kind enough to tell me how to turn this thing off so I don’t get the pop-ups any more, but most days it only takes a second or less of my time, and I’ve gotten to the point of morbid fascination now. I don’t watch Reality TV, so this gives me a way to track the degradation of the culture. How will they top (or should I say "bottom") themselves? I expect at some point to see a come-on about sacrificing hot, sexy Christians to lions with laser beams attached to their heads…

5 thoughts on “Taking dumb to new depths

  1. Lee Muller

    You mean the heavily-edited one?
    Katie looks real dumb in all her interviews, and it is hard for anyone to look smart when talking to her.

  2. Doug Ross

    No, I mean the clips that show Palin talking unedited for a minute or more and sounding like an idiot. They’d have to edit it down to 3 second sound bites to help her out.

  3. Lee Muller

    Well, your only other choice is Obama, who is just an uninformed BS artist with a life of no accomplishment, or a protest vote.
    I am not happy about it, but Palin is an order of magnitude more capable than Obama or Biden, even if they were trustworthy, which they aren’t.

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