Hillary Uber Alles — on video, that is

Can I call ’em or can I call ’em? P.T. Barnum’s got nothing on me when it comes to knowing what the public wants. On Aug. 25, I predicted the following:

But wait — my Hillary’s Heckler video is moving up at an unprecedented
speed, having passed 6,000 views in only 3 weeks. (What’s faster than Blitzkrieg?)
I’m thinking that within a month, that clip of Mrs. Clinton and her
detractor at the recent College Democrats’ confab will outpace
everything, and put the Nazis in its shadow.

And here we are on September 19th, and my heckler video, shot during the College Democrats’ confab at the end of July, is now my most-watched video clip ever. It’s also the first ever to surpass the 8,000-view threshold — and it shows no signs of slowing down. (Yesterday, it was in third place.)

This is a good sign for the public’s tastes, as it finally eclipsed the previous favorite, which shows a Nazi leader talking about the Confederate flag on our State House steps. (OK, maybe a heckler isn’t the height of good taste, but it’s an improvement.) I’m also proud that my critically acclaimed "Who Resurrected the Electric Car?" — probably my finest use ever of my celebrated voice-over technique, not to mention its social relevance — is holding firm at third place. Indeed, until the heckler’s last-minute surge since yesterday, it was in second place.

Yeah, I know — nobody cares about this except me. But it takes a lot of work to produce these babies, and so I care a lot. That is, I care enough to bring you once again my Top Five Most-Watched Videos:

  1. "Hillary’s Heckler," only 6 weeks old, zooming at Ludicrous Speed to 8,059.
  2. "Nazi Presidential Candidate Defends Confederate Flag"
    — 5 months old, with 7,906, this was the fastest-riser
    ever before Hillary.
  3. "Who Resurrected the Electric Car?"
    — 6 months old, still probably my masterpiece in terms of sheer
    artistry (the YouTube critics give it 5 stars). 7,810 views and also rising quickly. This is the feel-good hit of my repertoire.
  4. "The Alpha and Beta of Thomas Ravenel"
    — 11 months old, with 6,996 views, and falling farther behind as the scandal fades into the background. T-Rav is no longer box office magic.
  5. "Nazis Defend Confederate Flag II." My shameless exploitative sequel, shot and released the same day as the first hit, a la LOTR. 5,269 views.

One thought on “Hillary Uber Alles — on video, that is

  1. Brad Warthen

    This remains interesting (to me) to watch, as I try to understand the psychology of YouTube. "Hillary’s Heckler" seems to be picking up speed. It’s now at 9,338, and will probably break the five-figure barrier by the time the week is out.

    Meanwhile, the next two have just exceeded 8,000. I’m rooting for "Electric Car" to overtake the Nazi. The top three are pulling away pretty quickly from the rest of the pack.

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