Donald closes as nominee of Occupy Wall Street; Hillary goes for Reassuring Grandma

Or, as NPR had it, “In Closing Ads, Trump Goes Dark While Clinton Goes Cozy.”

These are the final ads of the two campaigns.


Some members of the “global power structure” that Trump says is out to get us.

Trump’s is a deeply, profoundly, sweepingly paranoid view of our world. Apparently, we are all the victims of an enormous conspiracy that involves not only the corporations and billionayuhs Bernie was on about, but the leadership of every major country in the world, all engaged in a “global power structure” aimed at keeping us — or, at least, Trump’s base — down.

Hillary Clinton, who seems to be again clothed in what Alexandra Petri termed her “Saruman the White” look, goes for the approach of sitting us down, looking us in the eye and having a comforting heart-to-heart with us about the values that have always informed our country, and which make us great now, not in some distant past. In her view as presented here, we’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it; people like us.

It’s a pretty stark contrast. Either we’re all doomed, or we’ve got a pretty good thing going in this country, and have had all along.

And now we have to decide which makes sense to us.

2 thoughts on “Donald closes as nominee of Occupy Wall Street; Hillary goes for Reassuring Grandma

  1. bud

    By any measure Hillary is right on with her closing remarks and Trump confuses the USA with North Korea. Really folks can anyone explain what is going on when we have the right track/wrong track trending at a -40 or so. In the words of POTUS, Really? All I see is a prosperous nation with low unemployment, low inflation, low interest rates, low gasoline prices. Crime rates are way, way below what they were in the 90s. We’ve largely turned over our fight with ISIS to the Iraqis, and it’s working; ISIS is on the run. We’ve opened up diplomatic channels with the Cubans. Iran won’t be a nuclear threat for at least a decade, probably longer. By comparison, when the Republicans were in charge the Iranians went from 0 centrifuges to 15,000. Now they’re pulling back. (Also, the North Koreans first obtained nuclear weapons during the Bush years.) As for the Russians, isn’t it obvious why they were leaking Democratic e-mails? Putin realizes he can make Trump his bitch the way Hillary did in the debates. He understands that Hillary, with all her experience, will be a formidable foe who he is unlikely to be able to push around.

    Sadly we have the unfortunate XXII amendment that prevents a third Obama term. Another fine mess the Republicans foisted upon us. But all in all Hillary will continue the good work of Obama. She’s a fine, experienced and decent woman. Just ask Bill Weld. She has a long list of accomplishments and valuable experience. With a Democratic congress maybe we can even achieve that 4% growth rate that so many on the right lust over. Maybe with 8 years of a completely Democratic government we can rebuild our infrastructure and reduce the national debt.

    It’s time to recognize the reality of the nation that we actually have rather than succumb to the cynical doom and gloom of the Talk Radio party candidate for POTUS, Donald Trump. Folks this is 2016. Let’s not turn the clock back to 1984. Trump aspires to become Big Brother. Let’s not allow the orange horror to assume that mantle. So if you haven’t already done so vote Hillary and down ballot Democrats. That’s the best path forward for our nation.

    1. Bart

      C’mon bud, isn’t blaming Republicans for the XXII Amendment a little bit of a reach even for you? It was ratified by 36 out of 48 states in 1947 thru 1951and subsequently, 5 more states in 1951. Most of the states were solid Democrat states at the time because most of the country was more Democrat than Republican.

      Talk radio being the cause of the negativity in America? The audience is not growing, talk radio is losing listeners and Fox News comprises a rather insignificant number of viewers when compared to the overall viewing audience for all of the network news programs.

      I find it a little disturbing that you use the 1984 reference to describe Donald Trump. The theme of 1984 is that the government is run by one party or entity and dissenting voices are discouraged and prosecuted as crimes against the government. If your wish should come true, wouldn’t the end result be something similar to 1984 and wouldn’t it be fair to conclude that dissenting voices would be silenced because of one party control? Is this the government you want by having all branches of government under Democrat control and without checks and balances so they could dictate all facets and aspects of the lives of citizens of this country?

      A 1984 mindset is one of the most dangerous things possible especially if it were to become a reality. Even when Democrats or Republicans had a brief period when either party had control of all three branches of government, the opposition party still had a voice and that is as it should be.

      You may want to live in a country where opposition to your ideology is adhered to without question but I do not. We do not live in Utopia and never will. Nirvana doesn’t exist except as a concept and never will. As long as there are inhabitants of this planet and in this country, there will be voices of opposition. I prefer living in one that allows the voices of dissent and disagreement to be heard. How about you?


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