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Keeping yesterday’s promise

Today, I got a cup of coffee at the Starbucks on Gervais with Zac Wright of the Clinton campaignWrightzac3
(previously mentioned). Zac paid — he owed me. No particular news, except that Tennessee has one less beef grower — Zac reported that his dad, who lives in Martin, Tenn., sold his cattle this morning on account of the cost of gas. The pasture was out toward Gleason, and he just couldn’t justify the cost of commuting to the herd every day. Oh, and we also discussed this Palmetto Poll from Clemson, which I had to admit I hadn’t looked at yet, so Zac saved me the trouble by sending me the link. No surprises.

I then proceeded in a deliberate fashion (I’m thinking of framing these reports in the idiom of cop reports; what do you think?) to WVOC for an hour on-the-air live with Keven Cohen. Did you hear it? If so, what did you think? Keven and I talked about how we both like Lindsey Graham and stuff like that.

Wait — it just hit me that I didn’t ask Zac whether those were dairy or beef cows. I just assumed, which we professional types are not supposed to do. So which is it, Zeke? Or which is it, Mrs. Wright? (I also learned today that his mom keeps track of him on the Web).

Dang! It turns out they were beef cattle, not dairy cows! Well, I’ve fixed it.

3 thoughts on “Today’s contact report

  1. Emile DeFelice

    I can’t help but notice that you are in downtown Columbia talking about cows in Tennessee and ag-university Clemson is sending around polls about politicians in New York and California. Are you trying to bait me?! It worked!
    I’d like to know why every South Carolina school child isn’t drinking South Carolina milk, and helping lift our dairies out of their catastrophic tailspin while getting something truly ‘fresher and finer.’ And why we don’t have any cheese to speak of in this state. Or ice cream. Or butter. Or why there’s no organic milk initiative. Or why the SC Dairy Association served me non-dairy creamer with my coffee when I had a meeting trying to figure some of this out last year. Or why Clemson and our dairyman agribusiness commissioner aren’t leading the charge.
    In a time of such opportunity, it frustrates me to see such a lack of focus about the critical issue of shoring up our farmers with creative value-based strategies.
    A lost farmer anywhere is not something we should take lightly. When the surrounding infrastructure of any type of farm shuts down, it doesn’t come back. Let’s open that window of opportunity before its too late.
    There is a whole new generation ready to take these reins, but without imagination, drive, openness, and aggressive exploitation of our free market system, we will not recruit them.
    Put Your State On Your Plate,
    Emile DeFelice

  2. Emile DeFelice

    And remember this weekend is our ALL LOCAL FARMERS MARKET. 8-12 at Gervais and Vine restaurant across from Publix in the Vista.
    Come get your SC shrimp, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, milk, eggs, vegetables, soaps, flowers, rice, grits, oatmeal, flour, and more!
    Come early and get the State Plate breakfast for four bucks with free coffee and service with a smile.
    That’s every second Sat at Gervais and Vine, every fourth Sat at Yo Burrito on Devine St, year round, rain or shine.
    This market was built for ninety million dollars less than our new state farmers market and exclusively serves South Carolina farmers.
    Emile again!

  3. Brad Warthen

    Emile, I didn’t mean to bait you, but I DID mislead you! They weren’t dairy cows — they were beef, as I discovered this a.m. I’ve fixed the post, but I’ll leave your comments as they are, because they’re still relevant and interesting, despite my initial mistake.
    And I hope to see you at Gervais and Vine this weekend.

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