Audio: McCain talks to bloggers


Here’s audio of John McCain’s conference call with bloggers today at noon. The subject that B.J. was concerned about only came up briefly — when the candidate himself mentioned it.

Topics that were discussed included Pakistan, Iraq, "medical marijuana," health care, the need for a larger military, and the gang of 14.

I basically just wanted to listen in, although I did put myself in the queue for a question. I guess all the others were more eager and got theirs in more quickly, since my turn never came up.

If it had, I would have asked why he seems settled on sticking with Musharraf, when a case can be made that he has delegitimized himself with moderate, anti-Taliban elements in the society — might we not be at a point where Mrs. Bhutto is the only workable option?

I would also have asked jokingly whether he really meant to say Gen. Musharraf is an "ethical type of individual," rather than "aesthetic type of individual."

But no big loss. Here is the audio, if you want to listen to it. It begins in the middle of Sen. McCain explaining that he is in Phoenix because his wife (shown below at an event in Aiken in September) is undergoing surgery for her knee problem…


2 thoughts on “Audio: McCain talks to bloggers

  1. Mike's America

    I had a nice little face to face meeting with Senator McCain when he was out here on Monday.
    Sorry, but I had more pressing questions that many conservatives want answers to aside from Pakistan.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Mike, God only knows what "conservatives" or "liberals" wanted to know from him, and God is a whole lot more likely to care than I am.

    I asked him about Pakistan because that’s the issue he led off with, and in talking about it, he said something I had at least a question about, if not a problem with. (The point in wanting to ask him the question was to determine whether I had a problem.)

    I, and the WSJ as well, suspect that Joe Biden is on to something when he says we need a "Pakistan policy" rather than a "Musharraf policy." Sen. McCain sounded like he was still clinging to a "Musharraf policy," and I wondered why. I still wonder why.


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