Pat Robertson sells out


Either that, or Rudy Giuliani sold out. One or the other. Anyway, you can read all about it here:

    While Robertson has been heavily courted by a number of presidential candidates — most notably Mitt Romney — in recent months, he decided to cast his lot with Giuliani in order to counter a movement among some evangelicals to support a third party candidate if the former New York City Mayor becomes the Republican nominee.
    "I thought it was important for me to make it clear that Rudy Giuliani is more than acceptable to people of faith," said Robertson. "Given the fractured nature of the process, I thought it was time to solidify around one candidate."
    He insisted that while some on the "fringe" of the social conservative movement may see Giuliani as an unacceptable nominee, the "core know better."

You know, the stuff that passes for thought among these really "out there" ideologues never ceases to fill me with wonder.

So, which endorsement of (to me) dubious value means the most to you: Pat Robertson or Bob Jones III?

9 thoughts on “Pat Robertson sells out

  1. Steve

    I hope it is clear that Pat Robertson dosen’t speak for a huge number of Christians – I mean the ones that don’t support any of the Republicans

  2. LW

    They both have sold out. What’s the difference between Hillary and Rudy, other than one is a woman and one a man. I am an Evangelical Christian and had supported the 700 Club and have taken my name off their list. For Robertson to endorse Rudy is hypocritical. There are several candidates he could have endoresed, McCain, Thompson, Huckabee…. This will backfire on Rudy. It’s ironic that Rudy’s buddy is going to be indicted. These folks are selfish and their selfishness will hurt them. McCain has much more experience from a national security experience. He is better equipped than Rudy. McCain has a consisent pro-life marriage. And McCain has worn the uniform — not a dress!

  3. William Wallace

    Please notice: Pat Robertson, who said something equivalent to: “America was attacked because we deserved it”, has endorsed Rudy. Ron Paul did not say America deserved to be attacked. It would seem that Rudy *HAS* heard something like what he was falsely claiming Ron Paul had said. He just didn’t remember ?? Isn’t it strange that Rudy has no problem with Pat Robertson’s endorsement? Does Rudy have a problem with his memory and his hearing? I do not think Rudy is presidential. I think Ron Paul would be the best president since our founding fathers. His views are spot on for our present predicament. Truth remains truth, even this many years later.

  4. Steve

    Maybe its time for “Christian” leaders to stop endorsing candidates. After all, their vote essentially gave us the Bush administration with all of its wars and fiscal and environmental irresponsibility. Is all that worth it for a couple of judicial appointments?
    Maybe its time for them to simply speak the truth on moral issues and stay out of the highly compromising business of politics

  5. Randy E

    Well said LW. I am certainly no fan of Hillary but will make the case for her over Rudy. He seems hell bent on war and has recruited war mongers who are pushing for an attack on Iran. Having him in charge of the military is like having Bill Clinton as coordinator of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders – expect lustful abuse of the position.
    With the water crisis finally making the news, the long forgotten infrastructure crisis that the bridge collapse highlighted, Spending Gone Wild and our education woes we need someone who will turn our attention to domestic issues.

  6. Mike's America

    Well Steve: I was wondering how long it would take you to come out of the liberal closet: “environmental irresponsibility” in the Bush Administration? Oh PLEASE!
    You are right that Robertson doesn’t speak for all Christians, but he does speak for a very large number included in his flock. He has every right to endorse whichever candidate he thinks will best address the issues of concern to him and his flock.
    It’s pretty clear from the other comments that a number of you are supporting other candidates also. Why not just admit it like William Wallace did and stop pretending you are passing some objective judgement on either Rudy or Robertson?

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