Folks, I just learned of a way to dig your "suspected spam" comments out of limbo and publish them on the blog.

This is a really tedious workaround for the excessive, dysfunctional security measures that TypePad recently enacted, but it’s all I can do for now.

Here’s how to proceed: If you try to post a comment, and get a message saying it’s being stopped as suspected spam, don’t bother trying again. Just drop me a quick line at this address, and as soon as I see your e-mail, I will cross the virtual river Styx and save your comment. It’s there, I just have to fetch it.

I will endeavor to be as on top of this as I can, what with trying to get pages out this week with half an editorial staff.

Thank you so much for your patience.


  1. Karen McLeod

    With all you have to do? You are gonna get tired of this and stop your blog, which is an easy reach to something interesting. I say we lynch TypePad instead. Can this be done?

  2. Brad Warthen

    Actually, folks, before you’re too mean to poor Jane — I haven’t had trouble posting comments since this time yesterday (and I was having the same trouble y’all were, with the illegible codes, and TypePad telling me I was spam even when I entered the codes right).
    Hasn’t the problem cleared up for y’all?

  3. The TypePad Team

    Hi Brad –
    An update and an apology from the TypePad team.
    As you noted in your comment, we fixed the overzealous anti-spam filter yesterday, you and your readers should be able to comment as normal now. We sincerely apologize for interrupting the conversation on your blog and are putting in place some processes to make sure that if the anti-spam system tries to get too aggressive again, we can dial it back more quickly. Please do let us know how we’re doing, and get in touch using the help ticket system if you need any assistance.
    Sarah Sosiak
    Product Manager, TypePad


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