Mayor Bob says Columbia WOULD provide sewer to Green Diamond

You may have read this morning that Mayor Bob Coble said Columbia would not provide water service to Green Diamond, which "surprised" the developer and gratified Robert Adams and other opponents.

However, Mayor Bob called this morning and left a phone message (click here for the audio) saying that "The city would provide sewer to a portion of the Green Diamond" — the portion north of I-77 — and that would happen as a matter of course, if requested.

But, he said "No one’s asked" the city to provide services one way or the other.

To remind you of where we were in this thrilling serial, Cayce will take up annexing the property tomorrow (Thursday), in keeping with the apparent plan to rush this thing through while everybody’s too busy with Christmas to rise up and stop it.

9 thoughts on “Mayor Bob says Columbia WOULD provide sewer to Green Diamond

  1. Bob Coble

    Columbia would provide sewer service to the portion of the Green Diamond property that is in Columbia’s 208 Plan jurisdiction. We are required by Federal law to provide sewer service.

  2. Karen McLeod

    Can they move that quickly? And how come the city can provide sewer to I-77 and can’t manage to provide it for some of us down here in Olympia (within 3 miles of the capitol)?

  3. Hubert

    Mayor Bob says Columbia would provide sewer to Green Diamond? No crap. As I stated earlier that Columbia would provide water to Satan if the money was right and the right people made their share.

  4. slugger

    Posted on Sun, Dec. 23, 2007
    Drought turns Waccamaw River’s blackwater clear
    The Associated Press
    The black waters of the Grand Strand’s Waccamaw River now run much clearer, thanks to a drought gripping much of the Southeast.
    The river usually gets its water from the Green Swamp in Brunswick County, N.C., and flows dark through Horry and Georgetown counties because of the decaying vegetation that fall into the water as it slowly flows through swamps and forests, experts said.
    But the Waccamaw River has recently began running much clearer, likely because the drought has dried its channel to the Green Swamp and any new water flowing into the river is coming from under farms and neighborhoods, said Susan Libes, program director at the Center for Marine and Wetland Studies at Coastal Carolina University.
    The change in the composition of the river will likely have consequences on the plants and animals that live near it, Libes said.
    Libes said she can’t detail exactly what might change because the center’s monitors have not been in place for long. But she said the historically low flow of the Waccamaw River should at least prompt discussions about how development has also altered the river, perhaps permanently.
    “You cannot expect to build in floodplains or floodways,” Libes said. “We need an attitude shift
    I thought that you might find this article from The Sun Times of interest. I certainly did.

  5. Lee Muller

    Green Diamond litmus test:
    Libertarians say that under a free market,
    1. The developers should pay 100% of the cost of roads, sewers, fresh water plants, pipes, and other utilities for their project. The costs should be reflected in the true price of their houses, and financed by the buyers in their mortgages.
    2. Developers should have no bail out or loans from and government.
    3. No government should spend any money, much less borrow money through bond issues, to subsidize the development or sale of any houses.
    4. Developers and homebuyers should pay for their own flood insurance.
    Statists say:
    1. The government should borrow money or tax other people directly to subsidize development, by paying for roads, water and sewers.
    2. Government should provide loan subsidies to developers.
    3. Government should use tax money to subsidize the sale of houses on the development.
    4. Government should put other taxpayers at risk by providing flood insurance and encouraging development which engineers and insurance companies say is too risky.


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