Huckabee starting to appeal to his bass?


, sorry about the pun (not really), but almost as exciting as the Obama surge (and I hope Obama supporters won’t mind my using that word), is the fact that Mike Huckabee — possibly on the strength of Christian conservatives finally noticing him — has overtaken Mitt Romney in Iowa.

I continue to find it difficult to believe that Republicans will nominate either Mr. Romney or Rudy Giuliani, no matter how many times I’m told that they will; apparently some folks in Iowa are starting to think the same thing.

Oh, one more thing about Mr. Huckabee — second only to John McCain (who’s done it in a tougher league), nobody on the Republican side has a stronger record of reaching across the aisle and working with people from The Other Party. That means the Huckabee surge can also be seen as good news for the same reason as the Obama news is…

4 thoughts on “Huckabee starting to appeal to his bass?

  1. Joe

    I think its great news that the conservative base has finally discovered Mike Huckabee. After months of languishing in the “second tier” while conservatives lamented that there was no good conservative candidate in the field, it is great to see the party faithful who put principle over politics (unlike Pat Robertson) flocking to Governor Huckabee. All this time the media has speculated that Huckabee was running for VP. Now it looks as though the right has finally found itself a true, strong, and viable conservative in Mike Huckabee for PRESIDENT.

  2. Gary Karr

    Yes, I am on the Huckabee team. Though perhaps I should adopt the Jack Lindsay (or was it someone else?) philosophy: I’ll be for you or against you, whatever helps you the most.


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