What’s YOUR martial status?

You know those pop-up ads you get sometimes asking for your opinion? I generally ignore them, using the excuse that I gave at the office.

But yesterday I gave in to one that hit me when I went to the WSJ site to find a link for this post. I thought it would be about some heavy political matter that I might enlarge upon in this forum. And I was right: It wanted to know what kind of SUV I might want to buy (which puts me in mind of one of my favorite Bugs Bunny quotes — "he don’t know me very well, do he?").

I tried to mess with it, to see what would happen. For instance, when it asked, "When thinking of luxury sport utility vehicles, what brand or manufacturer comes to mind FIRST?," I answered, "Unconscionable Waste." But there was no reaction.

My favorite part was when it asked, "What is your martial status?" I wanted to answer, "Total readiness, sir! Just let the bloody Hun try to take us on now!" Or maybe, since I was suffering a mild case of indigestion, "Combat ineffective." But that one was multiple-choice, and those weren’t included among the options.

One thought on “What’s YOUR martial status?

  1. Wally Altman

    The juxtaposition of this post and recent news on the political front seems like the perfect excuse to break out some Chuck Norris facts!

    • Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep: he waits.
    • Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk, and Kill.
    • Chuck Norris always knows the exact location of Carmen Sandiego.

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