Fred’s lost

About an hour ago, my wife was approaching the I-26 overpass on Sunset in West Columbia. She saw Fred Thompson’s bus pull off the interstate, laboriously turn around on that huge, complicated overpass, and get back on the interstate to go back in the direction it had come from.

And those things aren’t nearly as easy to turn around as a pick-’em-up truck.

6 thoughts on “Fred’s lost

  1. Doug Ross

    Probably was heading to Florida and then decided “What’s the point?” He’s done by tomorrow.
    FYI, Ron Paul has beat Giuliani and Thompson in every vote so far. Hope he runs as an independent.

  2. Mike Cakora

    I just heard Fred on Fox – he doesn’t sound lost. (7:56 – 8:00 PM)
    Despite the good humor, it sounds almost like a farewell, and not just to South Carolina.

  3. Lee Muller

    I think the media is just lazy – they want to boil everything down to a two horse race, so they will have less work to cover it. It make things so difficult having Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter talking issues in detail, instead of sound bites.


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