We Got Babies!


have no idea how to make money; the surest way to make a stock drop through the floor is to get me to buy a share of it.

But I am a tycoon, a regular Warren Buffet, when it comes to the grandfathering line. Why in one stroke today (Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008), I tripled my assets, going from one granddaughter to three.

Here are my latest acquisitions. That’s "Baby B" (as we knew her for the past seven or eight months; I’m withholding her real name until she signs a release form, which she has thus far been strangely reluctant to do) on the left, in my wife’s arms, and "The Baby formerly known as ‘A’" held by yours truly.

Forgive this digression from politics to the personal, but a blog should reflect the news, and this is the biggest, and the best, news I’ve had in a while to share.

Mother and twins are doing fine.


7 thoughts on “We Got Babies!

  1. Phillip

    Missed this item tucked in amongst Iowa, Bhutto, etc…Congratulations! They look beautiful. Grandparents look aglow as well.

  2. Brad Warthen

    You said a mouthful, Doug. And thanks, Phillip — actually, you didn’t miss it. I wrote it yesterday, held it back from publication out of reluctance to post anything so personal, but decided today I just couldn’t hold it in.
    Checked in on them this morning. They’re still pink and beautiful.

  3. weldon VII

    Congratulations, Brad. I also have three, but no twins.
    Now you can research twins out the wazoo, and when you discover the stuff about how frequently twins raised separately wind up doing the same or very similar things at the same time, your concept of nature/nurture might get an update.
    Have fun!


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