Perspective on veep rumors: Governor WHO?

A colleague passed this along with the thought that we shouldn’t make too much of the Sanford rumors. As Mike puts it, "Such stories are rattling about in 20 states right now. Here’s one from the News Times, in Danbury, Conn.:"

HARTFORD — Could Gov. M. Jodi Rell be headed for the White House?

Political pundits have speculated lately about Rell, a Brookfield resident, being a potential running mate for Sen. John McCain, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination.

Chris Healy, chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, said Tuesday there have been discussions in political circles in Connecticut and Washington about Rell joining the McCain ticket if he receives the party’s nomination.

"Given what she could bring to the ticket, it’s understandable," Healy said. "She entered the governor’s office at a time of crisis in the state and restored public confidence in the government. It would be great to bring that to the national debate."…

Yadda, yadda, and so forth.

I guess at some point, you’re insulted if you’re a governor and your name doesn’t get mentioned.

11 thoughts on “Perspective on veep rumors: Governor WHO?

  1. Gordon Hirsch

    Whatever … Here’s something else we already knew, just released today. Seems Bush’s approval rating has reached a new low in the history of polling, whatever that means.
    “Overall, 19% of Americans say that they approve of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president, 77% disapprove, and 4% are undecided.”
    More fun with numbers at:

  2. Doug Ross

    They’ll throw any number of names out there to cover all the demographics… then pick an old white guy. Well, not as old as McCain…
    Rell is 62. She’s got some “uh oh” issues she’d have to deal with in regards to true conservatives: signed the first same sex marriage bill into law; she supported a lawsuit against No Child Left Behind; signed an estate tax bill into law;
    She is pro-death penalty… and the first person put to death under her adminstration was a serial killer named Michael Ross (no relation 🙂 )

  3. Doug Ross

    > Gordon, my only question is who are the 19%
    > who said they approved of the president’s job
    > performance?
    He’s got a large family.
    You’d be surprised though. The older woman who sits behind us in church says she’d vote for Bush again if she could… she’s also the one who complained about Obama visiting our church because he’s “a Muslim”.

  4. Gordon Hirsch

    Hey, Brad. Check out today’s advice from the WSJ to McCain on “Picking a Veep.” Starts with a list of qualities McCain should NOT consider then jumps to the No. 1 quality he should look for:
    “So what qualities are important? The most essential quality is a patently obvious ability to handle the job of president. Not to be morbid, but Mr. McCain is a 71-year-old man who has survived torture and several bouts of cancer. Voters will want assurance that the veep could step in at a moment’s notice.
    “Related to this is the running mate’s relative youth. Mr. McCain shouldn’t choose anybody much over 60. Voters don’t like instability. The thought of one candidate over 70 might be acceptable, but the thought of two candidates past retirement age might just seem too risky.”
    More at:

  5. Brad Warthen

    As I’ve said before, McCain’s age argues for a relatively young veep. That does NOT mean he should go all Dan Quayle on us.

    Again, I think that’s a point in Huckabee’s favor. Also, there are lots of governors out there, but he is one governor who’s been tested by the voters all over the country, and done well — in contrast to expectations.

    Does that mean he’s my personal favorite? No. Y’all know me — I’d prefer Joe Lieberman or Lindsey Graham. (Here’s an interesting tidbit I ran across grabbing that Rell link — speculation in Connecticut about whether Joe will go to the GOP convention.) But I’m trying to think, "What would OTHER people like?" And a lot of folks out there — many of whom don’t like McCain — like McCain.

    It’s not that I’m getting politically pragmatic in my old age, or anything like that. It’s just that with McCain as the nominee, I got my wish. It puts me in a generous mood, and frees me to think about the needs of others. Just not the needs of the Club for Growth (you know what Huck calls them).

  6. Gordon Hirsch

    I don’t get how anybody in their right mind can acknowledge McCain’s age, contemplate his demise, then say, yeah, President Huck would be just what this country needs. That’s not pragmatism. That’s nuts.

  7. Brad Warthen

    Gordon, I’m trying to be broad-minded here. You should encourage me.
    Tim, the folks on “Meet the Press” don’t know him. Or rather, they might know the schoozing-with-out-of-staters Sanford, who is a very different guy.
    Once in New York, I was talking with E.J. Dionne when the gov came up and started turning on the charm to E.J. in a way that seemed most out of character. I felt compelled to mention the gov’s position re public schools, just to keep Mr. Progressive’s head from being turned. (I thought I had written about that before, but when I went to link to it yesterday, I couldn’t find it. It was weird.)

  8. bud

    Here’s an interesting piece in the NY Times. Perhaps Mr. Straight-Talk should come clean. His actions continue to undermine his claims that he opposes lobbiest influence. On top of that it appears that a possible romantic affair could have resulted. The more you read about John McCain the more thouroughly disgusting this man is. He’s a pure and total phony who has completely lost his moral compass in his bloodthirsty quest for the presidency. Any day now we’ll see the attack ads by the McCain surrogates accussing Obama of all sorts of attrocities.


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