Robert Ariail video

We’re launching two new Web features tonight — one is the Saturday Opinion Extra, which should show up at the top of the regular Opinion page at 12:01 a.m.

The other is the new site devoted to my friend and colleague Robert Ariail and his stellar work. Andy Haworth of has done a nice video for that site to help us launch it. I invite you to watch it above, and then go check out the whole Ariail site.

Now, I’ll go back to watching the clock, waiting for the Saturday thing to launch. I think it’s ready…

6 thoughts on “Robert Ariail video

  1. notverybright

    What’s y’all’s view of the copyright issues associated with another blog, like mine, including an occasional Arial cartoon? The image would still be in your server, but the image would be linked in such a way as to appear in the other location.
    People do this sort of thing all the time, with appropriate credit, and call it “fair use,” but I’m wondering how y’all view the practice.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I don’t know. I’ll ask Robert on Monday. You see, it’s not just us — there’s his syndicate to consider, as well.
    You don’t want to cross the syndicate…

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