I forgot my hat, which shows I have an efficient brain

Over the weekend I finally got a long, long-overdue haircut, consequently causing me to think several times on Monday, "My head is cold."

So this morning I put on my fedora that I usually only wear with an overcoat (not cold enough for that yet, of course), and that made me more comfortable — until I went downtown for breakfast, and put it in the cloakroom at the Cap City Room. Where it remains. So now I’m going around with hat head, and no protection from the chill breezes that will be blowing when I leave work tonight.

But that’s just a tribute to my wonderfully efficient brain, according to this piece in the WSJ, which I ran across while fetching a link for an earlier post:

Neuroscientists say forgetting is crucial to the efficient
functioning of the mind, to learning, adapting and recalling more
significant things.

"We focus so much on memory that forgetting has been maligned," says
Gayatri Devi, a neuro-psychiatrist and memory expert in New York City.
"But if you didn’t forget, you’d recall all kinds of extraneous
information from your life that would drown you in a sea of

So I have an efficient brain — inside my cold hat head.

6 thoughts on “I forgot my hat, which shows I have an efficient brain

  1. Norm Ivey

    You don’t know how excited this news makes me. My bride has been teasing me (putting it nicely) since before she was my bride (21 years this February 19–I remember that) because I can’t remember to start the dishwasher, hang up the laundry or where I’m going when I’m driving and talking. On the other hand, I’ve never forgotten to pay a bill, pick up the girls after school or call my mom on Mother’s Day. I can’t wait til she gets home and I can tell her about this article.
    But, then, I’ll probably forget. And probably should.

  2. Reader

    “…if you didn’t forget, you’d recall all kinds of extraneous information from your life that would…” in effect, drive you INSANE.
    Do you ever make Robert draw Bigot Art, not for public viewing? Just one of those questions that you and Lee Muller make me wonder. I hope he is actively involved in an artists’ guild of some sort.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Absolutely, Doug. Fortunately, the thieves who stole that newfangled contraption from my truck didn’t get either my gat or my hooch. So I’m set. Except I can’t use the gat without my fedora to pull down over my eyes. Or so Clemenza tells me.

  4. Brad Warthen

    I get smarter as the days go by. Today I reminded myself as I walked in to get my hat on the way out. And soon as I was done with breakfast, I walked right out past it again.
    But it’s not that cold today.
    And I’m wearing a brown coat, and the hat’s gray, so it doesn’t really go.
    So I know what I’m doing.

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