Biden swears in Inez


Here’s a photo of the ceremony Wednesday night in which Inez Tenenbaum was sworn in as chair of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The photo was taken by Scott Wolfson, a self-professed photographic amateur who works for CPSC (and follows me on Twitter, so hello, Scott). The guy who is not Joe Biden is Samuel, of course.

Scott reports that Veep Biden had the following remarks:

On Wednesday evening, Chairman Tenenbaum had the honor of being ceremonially sworn-in by Vice President Joe Biden at the White House.  The Vice President remarked that the agency plays a vital role in keeping children and grandchildren safe and giving parents confidence in the safety of the consumer products they purchase.

So congratulations again, Inez!

5 thoughts on “Biden swears in Inez

  1. DC

    Perhaps South Carolinians may be proud of Inez when her leadership does for the Consumer Products Safety Commission what it could not manage to do for SC schools: recall dismally substandard output.

  2. SGMret

    I suspect that Chairman… Chair-MAN (WHAT!!!? Not Chair-PERSON???) Inez Tenenbaum will be absolutely just as effective in her new job as she was as Secretary of Education.

    Maybe us poor bitter South Carolinians should be SO PROUD that the Prez threw us a token position in his administration, one that reflects just how much he values us as we foolishly cling to our Bibles and guns.

    Inez, you go girl… Maybe the Big Guy will let you bring him a cup of coffee. Oooo… so close to the seat of power.

  3. Lee Muller

    Will Chairman Tenenbaum investigate the defective products produced by public education?

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