Dems aren’t putting all their bets on Miller

Well, this is interesting. I followed a link on Facebook that said:

Stand Against Joe Wilson

And it led to this Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee page. All it was was a generic party come-on urging folks to give money to “send a message to Republicans like Congressman Joe Wilson.” In other words, it wasn’t actually about the 2nd District or about South Carolina at all; it was about something I couldn’t care less about — whether there are more Democrats or more Republicans in Congress overall.

But I did like that it didn’t mention Rob Miller. There was no reason why it should, since it wasn’t really about this race. But as useless as parties are (and as shamelessly as they try to whip up and cash in on outrage), I was glad to see in this case, to the extent it was about the 2nd District at all, it was NOT about one particular candidate.

The 2nd District needs options. It doesn’t need a fait accompli, whether it’s Joe Wilson or Rob Miller. And it has disturbed me that up to now, people who wanted to express their opposition to Joe have given money to Rob.

Not that I’d recommend giving to this fund, either. As I said, I wouldn’t give two cents to help either party achieve or maintain majority status. I think the ideal in Congress would be a dead tie, with a handful of independents (like my man Joe Lieberman) in position to call the shots. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

2 thoughts on “Dems aren’t putting all their bets on Miller

  1. Lee Muller

    My dream is Congress being full of one-termers who came from real jobs and plan to return to real jobs in the private sector, and every one of them knowing better than to even discuss unConstitutional legislation like socialized medicine, public housing, foreign aid, or federal funding of education.


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