Jack Kerouac about being ‘beat’

Just happened to run across this while looking for something else, employing the Dirk Gently method of living, whereby if you’re lost, you follow someone who looks like he knows where he’s going. You may not end up where you wanted to go, but you generally end up someplace you were supposed to be…

I like to include stuff that keeps this blog from being pigeonholed…

2 thoughts on “Jack Kerouac about being ‘beat’

  1. Greg Jones

    Brad, let me lead you somewhere else then.
    I just watched a documentary about another “renaissance man”, Klaus Voorman. I only knew him as a session bass player for everybody in the 60s and 70s. He was so much more. In fact he was the artist who drew the cover to The Beatles Revolver album. Seek this out. It’s less than an hour long.

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