Randolph and Mortimer Duke, redux

This afternoon at Rotary I found myself seated next to Boyd Summers, Richland County Democratic Party chairman. (Just to be ecumenical and UnParty, I also chatted with Richland County Republican Chairman Eric Davis after the meeting, so there.)

It was noted that he and I were wearing essentially the same tie, although mine was bow and his was not. Sort of a Palmetto variation on the old Brigade of Guards regimental stripe.

Anyway, having arrived way early for the meeting (I rode with Lanier Jones from ADCO, and as an ex-president of the club, he goes early), I had time for a digression. So I noted that we were like the Duke brothers, Randolph and Mortimer. I had to explain that the Duke brothers were the partners in Duke and Duke, the fictional Philadelphia commodities brokers in “Trading Places,” and that in every scene, they were wearing ties made from the same material, only Randolph (you know, Randy, like Randy Jackson of the Jackson five) wore a bow and Mortimer wore the more boring sort of tie.

When I was done with the explanation, John Durst said wow, you really notice detail, don’t you? I allowed as how I did, but that’s not really true. I mean, how could anyone NOT notice something like that — especially when one has seen the flick a certain number of times?

After the meeting, I got John to use my Blackberry to shoot the above photo, to record the moment. Aren’t you glad I did?

By the way, Joe Wilson noted to me that he, too, was wearing a similar tie. I nodded, but I was humoring him. His was like Boyd’s, except silver (as in, “Silver Elephant”) in the places where it should have been dark red. Obviously, Joe misread the memo.

11 thoughts on “Randolph and Mortimer Duke, redux

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I noticed you two were wearing the same tie material.I don’t think I’ve ever seen the entire film Trading Places….

    I am resisting making any comments about Rep. Wilson’s not even getting the memo, or being out of the loop, or the like. I am above such things.

    Come to think of it, it was unusual, but rather nice, to see you during the fellowshipping part of the meeting…usually you skulk in during the Health and Happiness, or such. Thank you to Lanier!

  2. bud

    Brad, is that a pocket protector hiding behind your blue blazer? I can just make out something sticking out. I must say you have the geek uniform down to a tee.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Y’know, Brad, we were talking at lunch about how your wife cannot imagine how you cannot notice certain things. Now my husband is oblivious to all manner of things, and certainly would not note neckwear similarities. I’m thinking you have less coverage on the “not noticing things” rap, now.

  4. Norm Ivey

    …Randolph…wore a bow and Mortimer wore the more boring sort of tie.

    I’ve always admired your absence of partisanship, but now your true colors are showing…

  5. Brad

    Actually, Kathryn, I’m not at all sure I was the first one to notice the similarity in our ties.

    But yes, I notice (and remember) stuff in movies. That, precisely, would be my wife’s complaint. I notice stuff like that, but not stuff in so-called “real life.”

    Nick Hornby has made a wonderful career for himself chronicling that difference in cognition. High Fidelity is the best book I know of on the subject.

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