About the George Will thing…

Another editor who left The State about when I did cited the second of those two pictures I posted of myself with Vincent Sheheen, and asked:

Brad —
Anybody mistaken you for George Will lately? You could pick up some nice money on the lecture circuit …

To which I replied yeah, I get that sometime. I first heard it at the Democratic Convention in Atlanta in 1988, from one of the delegates. Coming from a Democratic delegate, of course, it wasn’t entirely a compliment.

But no, we were not separated at birth. Nor do I think I look much like him. I mean, you ever see George Will smile? Come on.

I did have lunch with him one time at the Capital City Club, but one could say that about a lot of people.

This reminds me — two of my daughters say they’ve seen a guy at Yesterday’s who looks so much like me that people have gone up to him thinking he IS me. But he isn’t. I sort of want to see this guy, but I sorta don’t. Ever meet someone that everybody thinks looks like you? It’s generally a huge letdown to learn what people, even your loved ones, think you look like.

Anyway, one of my daughters saw the guy at the Italian Festival and pointed him out to my wife, and my wife said he didn’t look like me at all. Which is a relief…

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  1. Kathryn Fenner

    You look a great deal heavier in these photos and the video, even more so than usual, than you do IRL. Like 25 lbs or more…

    You wear roundish glasses and have a traditional side-parted, short-back-and-sides haircut, as does Will. That may be enough.

    I have been told I look like Hillary Clinton. My features are on a wholly different scale, and at the time, I was a dark brunette. We did have somewhat similar hairstyles and face shapes…go figure.


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