Teaching Ellen to do the Joan walk

My first reaction, when my attention was called to this item, was — being the ideologically incorrect so-and-so that I am — that this video would no doubt be another argument in favor of DADT. There are certain people who just shouldn’t do certain things in public.

But Ellen is a hoot, and she’s game, and bless her for trying.

And besides, relatively few hetero women on this planet can move like our Christina. And not look ridiculous, that is.

Sorry I couldn’t find an embed code. But you can follow the link to the video.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Ellen to do the Joan walk

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Ellen is a comedian, which is far more relevant than that she is lesbian, and she’s milking it for laughs!

  2. Doug Ross


    You won’t regret it. This season may be the best television series I have ever seen. The writing and acting has been amazing.


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