When you see this sign, drive fast. Drive very, very fast…

The lt. gov. with his mother and sister at the dedication ceremony Dec. 21.

How did I miss this? Earlier this week, the humongous interchange where I-77 runs into I-26 was named the “Lt. Governor-Senator André Bauer Interchange.” Which is a mouthful. Not sure I’ve ever seen that construction — “Lt. Governor-Senator.” Kind of like “singer/songwriter,” I guess…

I suppose this was the best parting gift Jake and them could think up, but it really seems like it would have been more appropriate to give André, I don’t know, a plaque, or a toaster, or a pair of socks.

Anything but a public road, seeing as how he is so famous for tearing up such roads. We’re talking about the guy who:

  • When stopped speeding down Assembly Street, charged so aggressively at the cop that he felt threatened enough to draw his weapon.
  • When driving 101 mph on a wet highway, got on the police radio frequency to tell the patrolman pursuing him that “SC2” was “passing through,” and when he was stopped anyway, asked, “Did you not hear me on the radio?”
  • Lied to reporters about that incident, then said he “forgot” about it when confronted with the evidence.

6 thoughts on “When you see this sign, drive fast. Drive very, very fast…

  1. Mark Stewart

    This is just sad on so many levels.

    If people are going to pull this nonsense they should stand up and state their advocacy. Saying that the Lexington County Delegation requested the naming is a duck and run. The worst thing is that SCDOT is still powerless to stop these grubby moves.

    I guess someone still thinks Andre has a political future.

  2. Joanne

    I thought this kind of thing was not going to be done until the person had passed away…

    Is Andre still alive??

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    I guess Malfunction Junction already has someone’s name attached to it, eh?

    I believe they should only name things, if at all, after dead people. Avoids the whole problem of subsequent disgrace.

  4. Nick Nielsen

    If they were going to give him anything, a brake pedal would have been appropriate.

    And didn’t they used to wait until people were dead to name stuff for them?

  5. tired old man

    So what is so terribly wrong in the naming gesture, because that is all that it is. 99.9999% of the world will pass by this sign 100% of the time without ever really seeing it, let alone being unduely concerned by it.

    Bauer, love him or hate him, has been a participant and has done some very good things — which have largely been overlooked because a great amount of attention has been focused on some very serious mistakes. But those missteps are but a tiny fraction of the time he has spent in public service.

    Mark Anthony said of Caesar that the good is interred with the bones. Bauer has been a very effective force for seniors, helping this state prepare to come to grips with the great age wave that will double its elderly population. The irony is that he was acknowledged nationally, but ignored in his home state.

    Andre had a part-time job as the lite gov, but he has worked it full-time. Let’s give the man credit for his contributions. Then, with the left over energy, fill free to kick him.

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